Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My Womanly Bike

Apologies for a post with no pics but have only just managed to get the Internet connected and am in need of doing far too many things to think about pictures!

Blimey, I can't believe it has been 26 months (yes, August 2006) since I last had a period! I had forgotten that awful dull ache in your back, the night cramps in your legs, the dragging pain in your lower belly (like someone removing your intestine with a crochet hook) and the feel and smell of being a woman. I am glad that everything is now in working order again. I am glad too that the swollenness of my belly (jeans not so snug today) and the terrible pain in my breasts when suckling Nathaniel that I have had for the last ten days or so are gone. Well and truly back on my womanly bike (or menstrual cycle for those of you who talk proper)!

I have been tagged by Sharon over at Iris&Lily.

1. Clothes Shop: Not fussy really, got a nice top in Sainsbury's a while ago. I like cheap and cheerful really and 'Reduced To Clear' is my favourite designer!!

2 Furniture Shop: Usually IKEA as it's cheap and cheerful and practical and folds small in the boxes so can be arrange around small children in the car with ease!

3. Sweet: I am a bit partial to chocolate, have you seen that they've brought back 'Wispa'!! But I was once a member of the chocolate tasting club and they really are the best choccies in the world!!

4. City: Not fussy really, I like to shop in Manchester and have enjoyed holidaying with my aunt in Aberdeen and spent a lot of time visiting London when I was young as my grandparents lived in Finsbury Park and everything was only a bus ride away. We used to be able to choose something for ourselves in Hamley's at Christmas time.

5. Drink: I drink two cups of beautifully ground (by my husband) coffee everyday and I live on peppermint tea (which the girls say makes me smell nice), I quite like a glass of wine and never say no to a large Jack Daniels over ice. As long as it's wet and in a cup/glass I'll drink it!

6. Music: I love Mr. Morrissey and would marry him and have his babies tomorrow (but I don't think he'd like that much), I saw him live a few years ago and nearly touched him, squeal!!!!! I am also enjoying The Killers, Robyn and (much to my husband's shame) James Blunt at the moment.

7. TV series: Is Eastenders a series? I love 'enders! I also like ER (it's rumoured that 'Doug Ross' will appear in the final episode later this year), we loved Californication in this house and most recently Mutual Friends.

8.Film: I love Dirty Dancing as a reminder of misspent weekends in front of the TV in my younger days. I love Same Time Next Year, a fabulous romantic comedy (you must see it)!

9. Workout: I try to walk everywhere unless it's really raining hard and I lug around a big baby boy, two lunch boxes, two book bags and assorted jumpers/cardigans/ coats at least twice a day, good for the muscles if not the soul.

10. Pastries: Yes please, danish ones!!!

11. Coffee : See point 5.

Blimey that was harder than I thought and I think I more than made up for the lack of photos with the enormous amount of links I added!!

I would hereby like to tag; Lynsey, Jude, and Kelcey

Daisie xxx


carolyn said...

Oh yes Danish pastries please!

Sweet Mess said...


I just got my period yesterday for the first time too! Crazy!
(22 months for me)

Lesley said...

There'a a great deal to be said for pregnancy and breastfeeding. If men had bikes like we do they'd have spent millions on finding a way not to have them - or they'd get two weeks paid bike leave every month!!



Sharon said...

E.R! Is Doug really coming back? Be still my beating heart!!