Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Felt Goodies

Over the weekend I had out the bag that holds all my little felty scraps, Francesca designed a rabbit. I made the teeth so big when I helped her out with the face that she had to pin them up out of the way while she sewed on his tummy;

Needless to say, I was not allowed to help with the rest incase of anymore blunders, I think she did a wonderful job;

Elizabeth nicked some of the felt flowers that she had helped me cut on the die cutter and designed a little 'clutch' to hold her iPod and earphones;

It has a simple flap on the back with a red button. She learned how to do blanket stitch and was amazed by just how easy it was to do! Her she is showing off her creation;

And these are the little brooches I have made for the school fair;

Still got lots of little things left to do but have enough stuff to fill the stall now so not panicking!

The builders are arriving tomorrow to knock down an outside wall, rebuild it, knock off the render to the outside of my kitchen and then re-do it. When all is finished I hope it's warm enough for me to get up a ladder and paint it, all clean and lovely for the summer.

Nathaniel has been up all night with a terrible earache. A trip off to see the doctor (only after waiting an hour) got us some lovely antibiotics, hopefully he'll be feeling better soon, poor baby!

We have been snuggling in the warm and making yummy lemon cupcakes to take to my friend Claire's later. She's having the smaller poeple so Simon and I can go to meet with Francecsa and Elizabeth's teachers later on.

It's all fun and games here......

Daisie xxx

Sunday, 28 March 2010

My Boys Are So Big

This week Nathaniel and I have been making lovely little pots of goodness for young Sebastian, he loves his food already (only five days in) and opens his mouth like a little bird to be fed then giggles with his mouth full of wonderful new flavours;

I think he may grow to eat all the vegetables under the sun like Francesca and Nathaniel (I have to hide mushrooms!). Maybe he'll find interesting ways of eating houmous like his big brother;

Here's my big boy colouring a Gruffalo picture for his Daddy's birthday;

And my other small man 'eating' Balamory our rag doll and playing us a tune on the shaker;

And following on the Gruffalo theme (what else would you give a man in his forties?) we made little brown mouse cakes for birthday tea;

Anyhoo, things to sew, knitting meetings to miss as I seem to have lost an hour somewhere (Sorry Kath).....?

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

I do love him more than buttons.

Happy Birthday Simon xxx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Freebies And Massage

Sebastian and I went along to our last (for a while) baby massage class this morning, he loves it;

He laughs and smiles all the way through, we love it, unfortunately I can't show you my favourite picture of him because there is another mum and baby in the background and publishing pictures of other people's naked children could land one in prison, eek!

And I have had an email from a rather nice sounding lady who wants to give me free things to try. It seems to be a one off and she has found me through the blog. Am not sure if she wants a review or if they're just being nice, she doesn't say. Will mail her back for more details but if it is a review am quite flattered that she thinks little old me and my opinion are worth her time and effort. Can I ask, what would you do?

Just had confirmation of a school fair in little over four weeks so sock-type animals and other DaisieDavies goodies are in need of making!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I Haven't Been Tagged By Amanda

Amanda blogged the photo tag thingie, you know, open the first photo folder and pick the tenth picture. I keep seeing them and so today I thought I'd do just that and see what happened.

Folder #1, picture #10;

This is Simon making tea on the day after I gave birth to Nathaniel. Ignore the date at the bottom, it was actually June 16th 2007! It was a very confused camera and a very confused friend of ours who took the picture and wondered why Saturday tea had been cremated by the man of the house. You can even see the raspberry leaf tablets behind him on the side. Nathaniel was very new and I was very tired. Tea was lovely Simon, just what I needed; sausages and oven chips!!

But if we open folder #10 and look at picture #1;

This is slightly more appealing if a little scary. Nathaniel's first smile caught on camera at Gulliver's World Warrington some time during the first week of August 2007.

I think I now know what to do when lacking in blog material, just pic random numbers and see what happens..........

Daisie xxx

Monday, 22 March 2010

And After A Quick Blow Job

I can now reveal my amazing new non-stick underskirt;

That sits very nicely under my yummy new skirt;

A side view;

And by the time I had got this far through my day my brain was mashed and I was unable to hold a straight normal face anymore;

Things I have learned while taking pictures of myself in my lovely new skirts;

1. My calves are not nearly as huge as I thought from looking down upon them, from the front they're not so scary.

2. I really need to clean the nasty smear off the mirror.

3. I need to move the mirror somewhere else in the house or put the washing/drying away far more frequently. Just to clarify; this is my landing, not wishy-washie's laundry!

4. I need to work on my muffin top and bingo wings!

5. I must make more skirts to practice taking good pictures of myself in my clean mirror without washing looming above/below/around me.

Daisie xxx

My Card Reader Has Crumbs In

I don't believe it! In true Victor Meldrew style with stamping foot! My bloody card reader must have crumbs in so I can't show you the picture of my lovely new skirt, yes I have the bug now. I also can't show you the rather fetching underskirt I have fashioned for myself from a smartprice sexy nightie either. I went in search of a slip (as my gandmother would have called it) to stop the reoccurance of the terrible sight of my (first) new skirt climbing it's way up my tights in the howling wind and rain en route to school this morning. It was not pretty folks. Only you cannot (for love nor money) buy underskirts anymore! Having worked with the sewing machine and shiny material before I know that I am lacking in at least twelve hands to make a good job of it so did a Dr Bob job (as it is called in our house) and bought a sexy nightie and cut the top off. A quick hem and a length of elastic and no more nobbly knees on show, hurrah!!

Will go now and blow into the side of my computer, well, it worked last time, keep fingers crossed that I will have the magic touch and will be able to show you pictures tomorrow!

Daisie xxx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Skirt And Some Bags

See all this time I was gone I was just thinking up a groovy new title!!

Things are just strange at the mo, I don't seem to have enough time or energy for anything really.

I did manage, just by the skin of my teeth to get my skirt made;

I'm quite pleased with my effort, it looks rather good even though it's a little roomy, even after tweeks. I had the problem that the widest part of my hip is the same measurement as my waist. I am keeping myself comforted with the thought that I have a majorly skinny ass and not that I have a big wobbly mummy tummy. So drawing the pattern block was a little odd, it looks fab on though and I'll be making more just as soon as the weather brightens a bit and allows one to wear legs again.

So what have I been up to, apart from making a skirt? Not alot really, my poor sewing machine is struggling and I spent two days trying to find the best place to get it looked at and mended and inbetween time swearing at it while I tried to complete projects. I had a birthday and got some lovely presents and just to make my day my lovely hubby bought home a beautiful NEW sewing machine from work. I knew there was a reason I'd married him! And in celebration I knocked out a couple of bags;

And that's all for now folks, chicken to roast and babies to get ready for bed and a sofa to sit upon. Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later.

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Yorshireman Keeping Me Sane!

No, not my Dad, although he did help by sitting here in the great house of vomit while I nipped out yesterday and contemplated running away and did a few errands. It was lovely to breath clean air and feel both my arms swing as no one was attached. It was odd though, everywhere I went (supermarket, post office, children's centre) I was asked 'where're the children?'

The man brightening my day first thing as I stand in the kitchen making the breakfast/coffee/packed lunches at silly O'clock is none other than the great James Martin;

Simon bought me some new kitchen knives and guess who was on the box, so there he is lingering just above my head when I am working with food. God he is beautiful, I could look at him for hours and then get him to make me some yummy pudding or other........mmmmmm ........ And I have just realised when looking for the link that you can download Mr Martin wallpaper for your computer, am I that sad? On second thoughts don't answer that. At least I don't get all hot and bothered about skinny scotsmen like someone I can think of!

The girls are much better and have returned to school this morning, Seb is now sweet smelling at both ends (hurrah) but Nathaniel is still unwell, not so much though. I was awoken this morning by a Gruffalo stomping into my bedroom telling me "You taste good on a slice of bread!"

Now I really must go and do something to this monkey, she is a sorry sight with no face;

Daisie xxx

Monday, 8 March 2010

The House Of Vomit

A few days ago Superman came to visit;

And it's all gone down hill from there really!

As peer suporters we were told that Little Angels were to lose the funding from the PCT and were going to apply for more but no one really knew what was going to happen, the PCT assumed that we, as volunteers, would 'belong' to them. It all got rather heated and after a week of meetings here, there and everywhere we are still none the wiser! From the end of the month there will be no support (in addition to busy midwives) in hospitals or at home for Mums and their babies. As volunteers we cannot visit homes. We run groups but a Mum who is struggling during the first few days/weeks of her baby's life is not likely to be venturing out into the unknown.

I feel quite secure as I can be classed as a volunteer that belongs to my Children's Centre and be insured and supported by them. So many of the girls are in a sort of limbo until we know where the PCT stand on their volunteer programme.

My Children's Centre staff have been wonderful (yet again) and have consoled and bolstered me in this unsure time. There is the possibility of some more related training through them to enable me to do more for the community. Details are not finalised yet so I'll wait to share more with you.

During the last few days I have managed on very little sleep (so has poor Simon) as Sebastian started being sick and then Simon was rather queasy and then Nathaniel has been chucking up and then, the icing on the cake, was Elizabeth bringing back her spaghetti and meatball tea just after midnight! The house smells vile. The washing machine is nearing melt down and I am concerned we will have nothing dry to sleep under tonight!

Today Elizabeth seems brighter and has managed to eat, Sebastian has stopped bringing nastiness out of his top end and it is now pouring from his bottom end, he is not impressed, Nathaniel has been very limp and sick this morning, not even the long awaited arrival of this special Italian fellow made him smile for long;

In the last hour though, his temp has dropped to a more manageable level and he's kept a small drink down and is asking for food. Hopefully a good night's sleep is all he needs to be fully recovered?!

I have a sock monkey to finish that should have been done last week, a breast to finish knitting and a spiral scarf to cogetate over.........

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Still Here!

Life is a little mad;

And things are kinda upside down;

But also filled with loveliness;

I will be back when I have some time, there has been a big shake up of my peer supporter role so am attending meetings and discussing options and mashing my brain daily. There are lots of lovely developements in my role at the children's centre, exciting times. There is a teething baby. There are two busy school girls and a small boy with a sore throat. There is a mountain of laundry and the usual meals to make and mess to clean, there is also some knitting and sewing on the go.

Hope you're all ok?!

Daisie xxx
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