Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Happy Pink Francesca

The post arrived today and made one little girl very happy indeed, Francecsa won the giveaway over on Emma's blog last week and we have been waiting for the postman for aaaages because of all the silly bank holidays going on around here!!

Here are her pink parcels;

She was very excited indeed;

Her beautiful cushion is now nestled on the sofa in her bedroom for cosy girlie story time;

And as a little extra Emma included this pencil case for her too;

Thank you so much Emma, you have made her day very special indeed!!

And if you are liking Emma's handmade loveliness you can get some yourself, here and here and here!!

Daisie xxx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Woolly Spaghetti Baskets

As you know we don't do god in our house but I do like the older idea of a new beginning, a new start with the finer weather, a chance to enjoy the coming year. The children are exposed to the Easter story at school/nursery school and by the chocolate industry.

We made woolly baskets by soaking lengths of wool in PVA glue and draping them over upturned glasses and plant pots covered in cling film;

Elizabeth opted for a fine yarn with felt squares along it's length, she also picked the biggest pot on the table hoping she would get more chocolate (she didn't);

Francesca chose a deep pink yarn and I knittted her a coordinated chick, see the 'necklace' that Francecsa chose from the button box;

Nathaniel opted for a traditional yellow and a varigated green/yellow yarn for his chick;

I love his chick's eyes, he looks a little mad and geeky!

So happy springtime all!!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's been far too long how the devil are you?!

Well here at Daisie Towers there has been a wedding attended, (which was really nice, I went alone but had the nicest time), some small people have been poorly (nasty sickie bug doing the rounds at nursery/school), some more plastering has been done (in the hallway), some exterior stone has been painted (window sills), some sunny days have been spent preparing the garden for the summer (flower baskets and strawberries growing nicely);

Some woolie things have been created and left to dry in the warm spring sunshine;

There are more wollie thingies needed to add to these creations for sunday, pictures will follow.

And today we went here to buy the tiles for our hearth in the front room, nearly finished now!!

On the way back we spotted a park so abandoned the car and spent the afternoon in the sunshine reading, laughing, running and enjoying being together.

My beautiful boys;

My beautiful baby girl;

And my beautiful big girl;

We had planned on going to see Stan while we were over that way but just had too much fun in the great outdoors and lost track of time so can home for an ice lolly and tea! Another day Stan, fear not, we will make it over to marvel at your enormousness!!

I won a giveaway on behalf of Francesca, she is now waiting for the postman with great excitement, thanks Emma!

I will be back to show you the finished woolie lovelies before too long.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine, Daisie xxx