Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Four-In-One Bag

I am really rather impressed with my efforts this week in bringing together the spring/summer collection (can you hear the tongue in my cheek) of Daisie Davies bags.

There are some good old staples; the slouch cross body bag and a mini messenger with new fabrics for a fresh feel (not pictured) .

I am most pleased with this variation;

Tied long to wear cross body

Tied short to wear on your shoulder

Why have I never seen this before?!

I have been making this style and pulling the straps through the right way before joining them together for years, why has it never occurred to me to not join them?

And with some careful seam finishing the bag has no inside or outside so can be used either way.

All are machine washable cotton so can be used and washed and used and washed (I have a slouch that is four years old and has been through the wash countless times).

A close up of the funky two fabric tie

Is it sad that this development excites me?

There are four new bags and some small felt owl cushions waiting to be delivered to the shop this week.

You can see regular updates on things I am making by going and 'liking' my facebook page here.

And you can see other local makers that help stock the shop at their facebook page here.

Daisie xxx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Long Time No See

oooh, hello there! Is there anyone still about??? I seem to have been gone for a huge chunk of time. I have missed you all. Here's a few pictures of what we've been up to;

A cowl/collar I dreamed and had to knit, not entirely happy with it although it does suit Maud.

Nathaniel and the snowman we built when school was shut last month.

Two blankets for my brothers special baby twins; Noah and Eden.

Francesca and her strawberry birthday cake.

Blowing out one candle and commenting on the fact that I obviously can't count to nine!!

Elizabeth and some felt owls that I made for the shop.

One of the summer bags I have been designing and stitching.

Brotherly love.

Another baby blanket for a babe that has yet to arrive.
And there have been lots of things inbetween; working, MOTing, cleaning, duck-feeding, relative visiting, cooking, baking and the usual family stuffage.

I have managed to cast on and half knit two (def) or three (poss) gifts to put away for the festivities coming in December, how organised am I???!!!

Hope all is well with you?

Daisie xx