Friday, 24 August 2012

School Sewing

The coolest pencil case in Year Seven, nay, Lancashire, nay, the world, nay, the universe!!!!!

I had an idea and Elizabeth liked it muchly.

So yesterday morning I grabbed the fabric she wanted and the iron on interfacing (I hate the stuff) and a zip and started chopping.

I always do that, never really plan, just go from the picture in my head and although I feel I should win awards am very pleased with the zippy pocket it could have been bigger. Not everything she needed to house had room.

So I made a little zippy pouch to keep her colouring pencils safe;

Think I may need one for me too........ Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I Knitted For Me!!

Well, we've had another birthday, Miss Elizabeth is 11;

I am madly knitting like a mad knitty woman for a baby due anyday and to be honest I think he will arrive before I have even got the border picked-up-and-knitted!!

I have felt very down in the dumps lately and was turned down for my dream job (after leaving the interview feeling like the job was mine) which only made me feel worse.

I was inspired by the wonderful Kath over at Juicy Fig when she worte about her knitting and I decided it was about time I broke open a ball band or two of my beautiful Freedom Spirit that has been looking at me daily since last year's Knitting and Stitching show.

It was a joy to knit, even the 633 sticthes for the frill!!

But a beggar to photograph.

Jauntily tied to the side

Splayed out in all it's glory

Happy face when tied to the front (keep that clevage warm)

Draped across back of neck (or nice shot of hair)

Bad pictures but I hope they give you a feel for my beautiful new favourite winter scarf!!

How's it going with you?

Daisie x

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hello, thanks for all the lovely emails and messages I have had recently, I haven't disappeared! Life simply gets in the way sometimes and the urge to blog completely jumps out the window.

So a quick run down of the last few weeks.

Nathaniel had his birthday and is now a 'whole hand'.

 Elizabeth left primary school ready to become year seven at the local community college, very frightening indeed.

Work is, well, one of the reasons I haven't been around work.

Francesca has become a little social goddess and has hundreds of friends calling to play everyday. Which when it's sunny and dry is fine as they can all be outside but when the weather is wet my home looks like some kind of orphanage!!

 Sebastian is so big and funny. His latest obsession is being spiderman and will point at you with his finger outstretched, make a wet whooshy noise and say 'grab on my web Mummy'

We've just spent a glorious week in Wales, we ummed and ahhhed for a week before we were due to go because the weather has been so awful and a week in a tent in wet Wales with four children would have been no fun at all. We decided to bite the bullet and just go and I'm so glad we did. The sun was out everyday, we could see the sea from the front door of the tent, we spent late evenings on the beach paddling and exploring, we visited castles and museums and the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff.

My amazing little sister gave birth to her daughter, Megan, last monday which has made us all very happy indeed.

And there's loads more but that will do for now.

Daisie xxx