Sunday, 8 April 2012

This Week.....

I made a faux suede cushion and one in linen with a flock effect pattern and I knitted a front for an old tired cushion cover;

I made two cushions for the bench in the dining room;

I knitted a ruffle scarf;

We spent a day riding steam trains;

I knitted these tiny shoes (I put them on my hand for scale) for a baby girl who is going to arrive long before she is 'cooked' and will be poorly when she gets here. I figure all girls need good shoes for battle;

The girls have suffered 'holiday' lurgy; headache, sore throat general let down and urgh. They are now much better thanks to a pyjama day!

We spent a sunny morning firing rockets into the sky at the park and swinging til we felt sick.

Cakes have been baked.

A good first half of the holidays :)