Friday, 31 July 2009

Not Raining?!!

Oh, my, what is that funny yellow light in the sky??

And why can we be outdoors and not drippy wet??

Yesterday we headed out as soon as the sun began to shine and had a wonderful time at the seaside, throwing rocks in the sea, counting gulls and eating yummy fresh fish!

And I don't know about you but I seem a little more pregnant in this picture I took of myself than I did here;

Good job I didn't need my coat this visit, don't think it would zip up at the moment!!

We headed out again this morning in the blazing sun, unfortunately it got greyer and greyer as we neared the coast but we still had a picnic (all be it windy) and an afternoon playing on the beach with our buckets and spades. We did get burnt by the wind rather than the sun and Nathaniel did have to have his jacket on with the hood up. The decision to go home came when I took a picture of Elizabeth and the flash on the camera went off because the sky had grown sooooo dark.

We made it back to the car before it started to rain and I, for one, had a luverly day at the seaside!!

Hope the rain stopped and the sun shone where ever you were today!?

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Still Making

Even though I have lots of goodies made and ready to go I have been unable to get good pictures due to the complete lack of any sunshine :-) As soon as the sun comes out again my Folksy and Misi shops will be full to bursting!

Simon managed to find some very child friendly digital cameras for just £10!! They are simple and can take around 50 pictures before they need to be emptied onto the computer. Unfortunately there was only one design so the girls have the same camera. Not always good. But they are enjoying snapping anything that doesn't move;

I chopped up some felt pieces and made these little cases for them, easily identifiable for each girl and some protection should they get dropped (which am sure will happen)! Elizabeth being 'grown up' chose a very grown up, simple design for hers;

And of course the princess of all things girlie opted for a pink floral one;

Off to hide from the rian in the cinema now to watch Ice Age III.

Have fun and stay dry!!

Daisie xxx

Monday, 27 July 2009

The Steam Gathering 2009

Well, what a weekend!!

Nathaniel recovered sufficiently for me to leave him with Simon although I found this very hard indeed. Elizabeth had two nights at home with Simon alone when I was admitted to hospital expecting Francesca and I left both the girls over night for a hen party (but left near bedtime and was home again for lunch the following day) but Nathnaiel has not been left over night. I spent lots of Friday very tearful. Silly really as all the children have had a wonderful weekend being spoiled by their Daddy!

Sarah and I made great time up the motorway until we were about six miles away from the event and the last little bit took nearly an hour as we were following several heavy steam engines on flatbed trailers, a real nightmare around all the steep hills and twisty narrow roads.

We arrived eventually and began to unload my very full car;

I had removed the three back seats so it was like a huge van. It contained three tables (and cloths), two chairs, a tent, a gazebo, two days worth of clothes etc, all Sarah's sparkles, a half dozen elephants, countless t-shirts and shoulder bags plus many other assorted goodies for sale, oh and stuff to wash with, a big bag of apples, lots of bananas, six bottles of tonic water, a flask and (very good thinking on Sarah's part) a huge bag of nachos and some flapjack!

We set to with the gazebo and it was a piece of cake! We had it up and running in no time at all. We added our tables and goodies as the organisers wanted all sellers to be organised and 'ready to sell' for 9am, not knowing how well or how long we'd sleep we figured it would be better to get most of the setting up done the night before.

After a stroll around to meet people and check out the facilities and find some hot food we completed our stall;

By the time we had finished titivating and laughing it was well after midnight so we decided as it was dry to abandon all thoughts of putting up the tent and sleep in the gazebo with the stock (if you look you can see the grass peeping out between our airbeds).

We awoke early to a lovely bright day, had time to hunt down some breakfast and grab a wash (of sorts) before opening our doors to the public;

We sat outside all day in the baking sun chatting to lovely people and making sales :-)

There were lots and lots of steam engines (well, we had expected that really);

At least a hundred tractors;

Two very big (very annoying) pipe music organs which cranked up around 8am and went on long into the night;

Some very beautiful vintage campers and cars and caravans, this was my fave (soooo pretty);

We walked around and looked at everything for a long time in the late evening sun, me nursing my sunburn and Sarah worried about the rain. All the other traders were very concerned by the forecast of heavy rain for the night and next day. In a slight panic and hoping to be wasting our time (you know how when you have an umberella it doesn't rain) we gathered all our stuff into the middle of the gazebo and covered them with waterproof cloth to keep them dry should the worst happen;

We also pitched our tent;

The rain came in buckletfuls!! We were up and bringing down our tent by 7am in our PJs. We thought it best to keep the one set of clean clothes we had dry. We got very very wet indeed and when we'd finished we set off to get dressed and found an inch of water on the floor in our usual dressing spot. We stood on our already wet pyjamas and hopped our way into dry things.

We stopped on the way back and managed to get a traders discount on something stylish to keep our feet warm and dry;

We had to have a drastic rethink of our layout to keep things dry (the rain was coming in sideways) and ended up putting quite alot of things away in the car. It did mean we weren't too cramped and people could come in out of the rain to browse which was a good selling tool for the few people that decided to brave the weather. Not a brilliant day for sales but not a wasted day either!

We ended up with my t-shirts folded on the table and it wasn't nearly as effective as the washing line but at least they stayed dry;

We packed up and made good time home on Sunday night, in time for me to snuggle all my babies before they went to bed, a later night for them but it is the holidays and Mummy had been missing for two and a bit days!

It was a brilliant weekend, even with the rain, and I am half thinking of taking all my family next year and making a mini holiday of it. There were lots of things for the children to do and see and there were lots of families around running stalls, manning engines and running the fairground. Something to think about.....

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Blisters, Buttons And Bags

1. Blisters

Nathaniel is poorly, so very poorly, he has a mouth full of blistery ulcers and is so unhappy :-(

He didn't sleep well on Tuesday night and became very droopy and miserable during yesterday afternoon. Simon and I sat up with him all night while he cried and cried. I rang the doctor's surgery first thing this morning and it went like this;

Me; I would really like my baby son to see a dooctor today please.
Dragon; Is it an emergency?
Me; (thinking, 'no just fancied a morning out') yes, he has a raised temperature and has a mouthful of sores, I would really like him to be seen today.....
Dragon; Well, he can't some to the surgery if he has a temperature, someone will ring you back.

Feeling a little put out and concerned, contemplating bypassing the GP and going straight to urgent care then the practice nurse phoned me back. I explained his symptoms to her and she seemed to agree with me that it may be pox (of the chicken variety) or hand foot and mouth (Francesca had it when she was small) but it was difficult to diagnose over the phone as he has no other sores. So we were granted an appointment.

On arrival at the surgery we were ushered into a little private room because "he has a high temp and may be a swine flu victim". Oh purleeze! The world is gone mad. How many children have raised temps every day through really simple illnesses and teething!? Lots and lots and lots! Anyhoo, after a quick look (which he did not like at all) and a temp check, gland feel etc it was decided that it wasn't anything serious, just a.... wait for it........ virus! Nothing to do, keep hydrated, give paracetamol when needed etc. But if he gets more blisters on hands or soles of feet it is hand foot and mouth and if he gets sores on his trunk and legs it's chicken pox. Although treatment doesn't change.

Hope he feels a little better by the morning as I am supposed to be away this wekend selling my goodies to steam heads!

2. Buttons;

Remember Simon dragged me into the shop next to the building society and bought me buttons, well here they are. A huge one, no really I mean HUGE, which he has put little felt pads on the bottom of so it can sit on my bed side table and wait to hold a morning cuppa;

Here are some smaller versions of the HUGE olive wood one and some beautiful daisy buttons and assorted ceramic cat ones which are destined for card making me thinks;

3. Bags.

In preparation for the fair this weekend I have made some more shopping totes the last couple of days. Here are two in a really yummy pink lily upholstery fabric that I got on a recent trip to SAMS (scrap store);

Two in a wonderful children's soft furnishing fabric from John Lewis called Distant Shores;

And another John Lewis fabric, this one called Mimosa which has wonderful lemon coloured 'blooms' on it;

Tomorrow will be busy, I have a birthday present to make for a friend of Francesca who is having her party this Saturday and two shoulder bags cut out ready to be assembled to go with me, a car to remove all the seats from (so it can be like a big van) and lots of ironing to do, toe nails to paint, hair to wash and general panicking about leaving all my babies so I can travel up the country and sleep in a tent for two nights. I must be mad!!

Daisie xxx

Thanks to all who left advice on the iron front, it is alot worse than I had first thought. I am often lacking in iron after 20 weeks (grow iron hungry babies) so take a supplement when I find out I am expecting and take it all the way through. So I am taking that and have been taking Floradix as well and am now taking a prescription supplemnent too. My iron count has dropped from 13.9 to 5 in just over ten weeks, very bad indeed. But it does explain why I have been so tired and breathless and generally feeling like shit (sorry). They will test the levels again on the 7th of August, if they are not over 10 I will mostly be eating liver sandwiches and drinking Guiness (joking) or chewing nails!
Will keep you all posted, thanks for caring, it means alot to me!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


What a fabulous day we have had!!

It was a bit wet and a bit dull but we set out early to York as the children had bought home vouchers from school so they could get in free to Jorvik, so we had to go really. Simon and I haven't been since we had Elizabeth (bad, bad parents) and it was exciting to see the changes. The girls thought it brilliant and particulary loved the man pooing behind a wooden fence in the street next to the butchers!!

There were helmets to try on;

Even Simon had a turn;

The lunatic smile is becasue he tried to put his specs on over the helmet nose piece and I could barely take the picture for laughing!!

And bone combs and tiny glass beads and amber jewels and intricate metal worked cloak pins and just lots and lots of beautiful things to look at, oh, and many battled scarred boney remains. There were also skeletons that showed signs of lots of diseases, I used this to my advantage to drum home the point that I am not a mean Mummy because I make them eat vegetables!!
We took a stroll, glad to find the drizzle had stopped, and found the biggest church Elizabeth has ever seen;

A rather impressive Roman column;

And a Roman Emporer;

I had a little accident;

But I must say that the accident wouldn't have been so bad without the egging on from my very luverly husband!! The fact that he encourages me helps to disperse the gult.

I have never been into a CK shop and the prices of these things made me gasp! I did manage to find a rather lovely (huge) jersey dress/long top in a really lovely olive green soft jersey that I think I may be living in from now on for just £15. Oh, I've said it out loud! This does not agree with my charity shop/cheapy clothes buying ethos, oh well, I can reasure myself by remembering the shoes that I so wanted in there too but didn't buy (halo back in place-ish).

Then, after more rambling Simon spotted this;

I must confess that at first I was confused as to why my beloved would think I could be excited by a building society, der!!

But then all became clear as he walked me through the door;

These are just two quick snaps I took but all the walls were filled floor to ceiling with boxes and boxes of the most beautiful and unusual buttons I have ever seen. Simon went mad (honest, nothing to do with me) and bought me some lovelies but the light is really bad now (and blogger says I have probably used enough picture space for one night surely?!) so I will post some pics tomorrow after I have taken them to bed and stroked them all :-)

Hope you've all had a good day too?

Daisie xxx

Monday, 20 July 2009

Oragnised, Me?????

Blimey, it's Monday and I am travelling a long way on Friday night to sell my goodies here with the lovely Sarah of Molly and Izzie. It all happened a bit by accident as her boyfriend didn't really want to camp and she didn't want to camp alone. So there we have it, I will be packing my goodies, my tonic water, my iron tablets and my raspberry leaf and setting of on a jolly adventure!!

Sarah emailed me all the final details the other day and apparently the organisers hope to have 40000 people through the gates during the two days so I thought I really should start making.

A new batch of t-shirts;

This is my favourite and if it doesn't sell I think I know a little boy who would love it;

A poppy shoulder bag (excuse the bits on the floor, holidays etc);

Some rather yummy tea towel pinnies;

I made a load of these a while ago when I found some really lovely pink spotted tea towels (can't rememeber if I showed you or not) and they have been really good sellers. I make big ones and little ones and they seem to sell in pairs which is nice. I really liked the 50s feeling kitchen objects on these ones;

And the spirals are cool too;

Then last night I thought maybe I should have some elephants that are a bit more manly (well less girlie anyhoo) so here is Elizabeth this morning (she is bothered by her scruffy hair but I assured her that we all have scruffy hair when we get up!) with a blue one, a red one and one that is kinda blue and kinda green depending on where the light catches it;

Off to hunt and gather some coffee beans and maybe have a walk in the park before coming home and making some more lovelies.
Daisie xxx

Friday, 17 July 2009

A Shark, A Cat And Lots And Lots Of Rain

The first day of the holidays has arrived!! We all awoke excited only to be dampened slightly by the huge amount of water falling from the sky :-(

I had promised the girls that we would all go to Tumble Tots today as they remember going when they were small and like to reminisce. We went in the car and only walked about 400 yards across a road and were very soggy indeed!

We got out of our wet things and had a great time, Elizaebth tired herself and had to rest on a massive shark;

Francesca then had to pose on the big cat;

Nathaniel had fun with Francesca in the tunnel and then tickled her tummy;

When we had finished playing we kidnapped Simon from work and came home for a late lunch. I left them to relax while I went for my midwife appointment this afternoon (baby #4 due on September 15th for those that asked in the comments that I was very lazy about and didn't reply too), I am in need of some iron :-( if the planned home delivery is to happen so constipationville here we come! On my return I found four very relaxed people indeed;

Just time now for a wee and then we are off out for our tea!! A good start to a long holiday, although some sunshine would be nice!!
Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Zippy Gifts

It's the last day of the school term tomorrow, this school year infact!! From half past two tomorrow afternoon I have all my babies all to myself :-)

It saddens me that I seem to be the only Mummy in the playground who looks forward to spending time with her children. I know there will be times when they annoy me so much that I want to lock them (or myself) into a cupboard, I know that at some point the girls bickering over silly things will make me want to bang their heads together and am sure I will shout at least a few (million) times but we will have fun adventures and lazy days and snuggles and not have to live by the timetable that dictates when we get up, when we go out, where we go etc. I can't wait!!!

And as it's the end of the year I have made little prezzies for the girls' teachers. Little zippy purses with felt flowers (on brooch backs so can be removed and added else where);

All colour coordinated to match the teacher's personal taste and the card I made for them. Two of Elizabeth's teachers have got little tea towel pinnies that I made but Elizabeth ever efficient and not at all anal (?) wrapped them before I could get to them with the camera, don't know where she gets it from....?

The same happened with the cards, they are coloured and styled to suit the teacher but I put them out to be written after school and they were signed, licked and sticked before the blink of an eye. Here's the last one, I got to Francesca before she licked;

Busy day tomorrow, lots of presents to deliver, Simon's college is moving to a new site after the summer break so he is packing his office tomorrow and I will be needed to to and fro with stuff, girls finish early and in theory I am being taken out for my tea sans children, oooh, watch this space (as they say).

Daisie xxx

Monday, 13 July 2009

I Had A Little Accident

No, I didn't wet myself, although it is always a worry with a belly full of wriggley baby!!

Ooooops, I seem to have bought some buttons.....

At the fair on Saturday there was a very lovely lady with lots of yummy crafty goodies and although I tried to be good, I just couldn't say no to these little beauties (look at the price)!!

Go have a look at her website which is also rather lovely!

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 11 July 2009

It Didn't Rain!!

What a good day, after the weather man saying it would rain all day we were pleasantly suprised by beautiful blue skies;

This was the most well organised event I have ever attended, everyone knew what they were doing, the tables and gazeboes were up and ready when the stall holders arrived, everyone was very friendly.

Here's my pitch when I'd finished titivating;

The elephants ended up in a basket but I thought they looked a little like puppies at a pet shop trying to escape. They got lots of hugs from passing children and lots of positive comments but I only sold one;

The clothes looked fab on the washing line;

And because I placed the table at the back it meant people came in to the space and could browse and chat better, I didn't feel like I was hiding behind the table;

I got to shake hands with the Mayor of Burnley and later in the afternoon the Lady Mayoress of Padiham stopped by to say hello too!

I didn't take a huge amount of money but made profit and had a lovely day. Because it is so near to home I saw lots of people that I already knew from playgroup, school, nursery and the centre. It was great to catch up with people and stand in the sun and chat!

Daisie xxx