Saturday, 11 July 2009

It Didn't Rain!!

What a good day, after the weather man saying it would rain all day we were pleasantly suprised by beautiful blue skies;

This was the most well organised event I have ever attended, everyone knew what they were doing, the tables and gazeboes were up and ready when the stall holders arrived, everyone was very friendly.

Here's my pitch when I'd finished titivating;

The elephants ended up in a basket but I thought they looked a little like puppies at a pet shop trying to escape. They got lots of hugs from passing children and lots of positive comments but I only sold one;

The clothes looked fab on the washing line;

And because I placed the table at the back it meant people came in to the space and could browse and chat better, I didn't feel like I was hiding behind the table;

I got to shake hands with the Mayor of Burnley and later in the afternoon the Lady Mayoress of Padiham stopped by to say hello too!

I didn't take a huge amount of money but made profit and had a lovely day. Because it is so near to home I saw lots of people that I already knew from playgroup, school, nursery and the centre. It was great to catch up with people and stand in the sun and chat!

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Glad the rain stayed away. Your pitch looked awesome...I love the black flowery bag hanging from the washing line.

twiggypeasticks said...

It all looks lovely and what a great venue, well at least you had a nice day out in the sunshine and made some profit
twiggy x

willow81 said...

The washing line is a fabulous idea, it really shows the clothes off. Sounds like a lovely day and what a beautiful spot xx

jennyflower said...

Brlliant work! Your stall looks ace. I do love your little heffalumps.

Jude said...

Great pitch, loved the washing line!
Keep at it!

Jude said...

Great pitch, loved the washing line!
Keep at it!

Tamsyn said...

Your stall looks lovely, I love the little elephants, I remember trying to make those at school..i did it very badly :)

Jackie said...

I bet people stayed away because of the weather forecast. Glad you enjoyed it. I was moderately successful at Knowle Green, but people really came to get Open Garden tickets and eat pies and cakes,and not to buy my wares!