Friday, 17 July 2009

A Shark, A Cat And Lots And Lots Of Rain

The first day of the holidays has arrived!! We all awoke excited only to be dampened slightly by the huge amount of water falling from the sky :-(

I had promised the girls that we would all go to Tumble Tots today as they remember going when they were small and like to reminisce. We went in the car and only walked about 400 yards across a road and were very soggy indeed!

We got out of our wet things and had a great time, Elizaebth tired herself and had to rest on a massive shark;

Francesca then had to pose on the big cat;

Nathaniel had fun with Francesca in the tunnel and then tickled her tummy;

When we had finished playing we kidnapped Simon from work and came home for a late lunch. I left them to relax while I went for my midwife appointment this afternoon (baby #4 due on September 15th for those that asked in the comments that I was very lazy about and didn't reply too), I am in need of some iron :-( if the planned home delivery is to happen so constipationville here we come! On my return I found four very relaxed people indeed;

Just time now for a wee and then we are off out for our tea!! A good start to a long holiday, although some sunshine would be nice!!
Daisie xxx


smilernpb said...

Sounds like you made the most of the day, and that you all had fun!

I was/am in need of iron ferritin levels (iron stores) were very low, so I have to take iron tablets twice a day....not very nice.

Take care and have a great weekend x

Jackie said...

I really hope the weather improves for the summer holidays. It must be awful being stuck in with three little ones and a bump!

jennyflower said...

Dried apricots dipped in dark chocolate and a Guiness? Just a thought! xxxx

Becks said...

Congratulations again. I have very low iron levels and wanted a homebirth for #8, now 1 month old. I had a real struggle with midwives etc to get what I wanted. I managed to push my iron levels up considerably in the last few weeks of PG by taking 3 sachets of spatone in OJ, avoiding tea completely (tannin in tea prevents iron absorbtion), 2 weetabix with sultanas and soya milk twice a dayand two measures of floradix per day. It made for a very boring diet that last month but it made sure I got back on track for my homebirth as my iron levels had dropped so much. And best of all no constipation as I was taking only natural iron supplements and no artificial ones.
Hope everything goes well for you and you find the right way for you to raise your iron levels too. Best wishes for the home birth.

sue said...

I'd love to buy one of your gorgeous elephants if thats ok, let me know how I could order one :)
sue xx