Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Still Making

Even though I have lots of goodies made and ready to go I have been unable to get good pictures due to the complete lack of any sunshine :-) As soon as the sun comes out again my Folksy and Misi shops will be full to bursting!

Simon managed to find some very child friendly digital cameras for just £10!! They are simple and can take around 50 pictures before they need to be emptied onto the computer. Unfortunately there was only one design so the girls have the same camera. Not always good. But they are enjoying snapping anything that doesn't move;

I chopped up some felt pieces and made these little cases for them, easily identifiable for each girl and some protection should they get dropped (which am sure will happen)! Elizabeth being 'grown up' chose a very grown up, simple design for hers;

And of course the princess of all things girlie opted for a pink floral one;

Off to hide from the rian in the cinema now to watch Ice Age III.

Have fun and stay dry!!

Daisie xxx


Apple Valley said...

oooo, what a good idea, I might have to make a couple of them for my girls cameras.

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely covers, Twiglet has a little digital camera and takes great photos of the TV, the back of my head, the car, cushions etc etc :)
Twiggy x

jennyflower said...

Will has pictured me in bed, on the loo, the fun never ends!