Tuesday, 21 July 2009


What a fabulous day we have had!!

It was a bit wet and a bit dull but we set out early to York as the children had bought home vouchers from school so they could get in free to Jorvik, so we had to go really. Simon and I haven't been since we had Elizabeth (bad, bad parents) and it was exciting to see the changes. The girls thought it brilliant and particulary loved the man pooing behind a wooden fence in the street next to the butchers!!

There were helmets to try on;

Even Simon had a turn;

The lunatic smile is becasue he tried to put his specs on over the helmet nose piece and I could barely take the picture for laughing!!

And bone combs and tiny glass beads and amber jewels and intricate metal worked cloak pins and just lots and lots of beautiful things to look at, oh, and many battled scarred boney remains. There were also skeletons that showed signs of lots of diseases, I used this to my advantage to drum home the point that I am not a mean Mummy because I make them eat vegetables!!
We took a stroll, glad to find the drizzle had stopped, and found the biggest church Elizabeth has ever seen;

A rather impressive Roman column;

And a Roman Emporer;

I had a little accident;

But I must say that the accident wouldn't have been so bad without the egging on from my very luverly husband!! The fact that he encourages me helps to disperse the gult.

I have never been into a CK shop and the prices of these things made me gasp! I did manage to find a rather lovely (huge) jersey dress/long top in a really lovely olive green soft jersey that I think I may be living in from now on for just £15. Oh, I've said it out loud! This does not agree with my charity shop/cheapy clothes buying ethos, oh well, I can reasure myself by remembering the shoes that I so wanted in there too but didn't buy (halo back in place-ish).

Then, after more rambling Simon spotted this;

I must confess that at first I was confused as to why my beloved would think I could be excited by a building society, der!!

But then all became clear as he walked me through the door;

These are just two quick snaps I took but all the walls were filled floor to ceiling with boxes and boxes of the most beautiful and unusual buttons I have ever seen. Simon went mad (honest, nothing to do with me) and bought me some lovelies but the light is really bad now (and blogger says I have probably used enough picture space for one night surely?!) so I will post some pics tomorrow after I have taken them to bed and stroked them all :-)

Hope you've all had a good day too?

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

Well I'm sure this is a very nice interesting post but I want a picture of you camping!!!
Seriously..my son lived in York for a year or two and I loved it. I too have a Hotel Chocolate bag in my possession .

Jackie said...

oh sorry...slap my wrist...its NEXT weekend.

Swirlyarts said...

I love York - did you check out the many many charity shops? haven't been for a while but if there is a Cath Kidston there then I may visit very soon :)

sue said...

oh I just love York too :)
Looks like you had a fab day!
sue xx

Tip Top said...


Blame the hormones making you spend!

jennyflower said...

We are off to York mid-August as that is where my Simons family are from we are planning a little light shopping, Bettys and then Borders bookshop whilst the kids are with Nana- bliss!!