Sunday, 16 September 2012

My New Favourite Yarn

I know, I know, whatever I am knitting with at any one time is my favourite yarn but I was lucky enough to get some of this wonderful Artesano yarn at a not too expensive price. I opted for the super chunky as I had some small winter projects in mind. It feels soooooo nice and the definition and finish is lovely.

 I knitted this cowl and it sold within hours of me putting the picture up on the Facebook page :)

Elizabeth knitted this ear warmer affiar (more than a headband but not quite a hat), well she got me to cast on and she knit about ten rows and then got me to finish it and asked me to knit her a flower while I watched Dr Who last night.

I quite like it;

And it looks great on;

Daisie x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Face Fur

Elizabeth played Fagin in a year six final production at school before the summer.

She had an eye-liner beard.

She looked cool!

Together we spent a wet Sunday afternoon during the summer holidays doodling shapes on paper and cutting felt and wrapping wooden kebab skewers in ribbon to create this little amusing set;

British Airman (think 'Allo 'Allo)

Angry Mexican?

May I tickle your fancy?

Apologies for the bad hair and the double chin, as I said, it was a wet Sunday afternoon!!

Daisie x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Apologies To My Biggest Baby

It seems I am unable to take good pictures of this one, sorry Elizabeth!!

She turned 11 a few weeks ago and is now off to the Community College over the road.

She looks so small in her big and hideously shaped blazer.

I text her earlier to tell her how she missed all the excitement (and swearing) when the exhaust fell off the car en route to the primary school. She thought it was rather funny and text me back at lunchtime to express her mirth and to tell me that everyone looks stupid in their new uniform so she's not alone!

Good luck to everyone else out there that starts the exciting and incredibly scary journey through high school!!

Daisie x