Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Apologies To My Biggest Baby

It seems I am unable to take good pictures of this one, sorry Elizabeth!!

She turned 11 a few weeks ago and is now off to the Community College over the road.

She looks so small in her big and hideously shaped blazer.

I text her earlier to tell her how she missed all the excitement (and swearing) when the exhaust fell off the car en route to the primary school. She thought it was rather funny and text me back at lunchtime to express her mirth and to tell me that everyone looks stupid in their new uniform so she's not alone!

Good luck to everyone else out there that starts the exciting and incredibly scary journey through high school!!

Daisie x


Gina said...

She looks lovely! Hope they are all happy school days for her.

Locket Pocket said...

She looks gorgeous - and so like you too! Hope school is going well. xxx

sue said...

Aww she looks fab, hope her days are happy and fun. I remember my eldest starting high school, I couldnt quite believe he was old enough, he is still my baby at 25 lol xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

Hope she enjoys her new school!