Monday, 26 March 2012


Real life is taking over at the mo, seems ages since I've been here!!

I've had a birthday and Sebastian's had a very poorly chest (again) and Francesca's had the dreaded sickie bug from school. I've been knitting for some precious babies that are on their way. We've been enjoying the sunshine and being outdoors after the long winter.

Homework this week (apart fromt he usual maths and reading books) was to create some amazing egg characters for the Easter competition at school. Last year the girls didn't take part as a bit of a protest. The entries that seem to win have sooooo much parental input it's just not fair.

Francesca made a P-egg-uin with a little fishie on a dishie;

Elizabeth made Professor Eggabeth;

The professor is fantastic and she spent ages making her hair just right but the staging is amazing, the professor has a carpeted office with a window and mirror, a desk with an egg-mac laptop, a flip chart for teaching and a detailed egg (Elizabeth's thinking was that lots of mad professors have skeletons in their studies and this professor has an egg 'skeleton');

Nathaniel saw Francesca's Club Penguin P-egg-uin and decided he would make one too. This is a surfer P-egg-uin with a little surfing puffle;

Fantastic eggcellent fun!!