Wednesday, 24 February 2010


So I managed to make Elizabeth's bean bag yesterday;

And my book arrived and along side them were these little lovelies for my devouring but I have a feeling they may have to be put away until my birthday, thank you Simon;

Today I have a headache and am feeling rather ill but not as bad as last time. I have made tomorrow's meals and stashed them in the fridge just incase. I am also off to see our GP in the morning. I had some rather interesting information following my headache blog post and now feel there may be a solution, watch this space....

Today I made a new style bag. I grabbed the greaseproof paper and made my own pattern and although it needs a little tweaking here and there, overall, I am very pleased;

Anyhoo, am off to bed when the children go in half an hour, Simon is working late, I have left instructions on the fridge/microwave for his meal later, feel kinda bad as he will have done a 13 hour day.

Daisie xxx

Monday, 22 February 2010


I had a very purple themed visit to SAMS the scrapstore today, I came away with these beautiful yummy fabrics;

The two on the right are destined to be used for a prototype that is forming in my head, the ones on the left are about to be turned into a bag or two.

This fabric is going to be a summer frock for a small girl;

I also picked up some very soft purple yarn and some elastic and some glue and some braid and some lined paper and a few other goodies to boot, all for the princely (earth saving) sum of £5, bargain!!

The girls were back at school today and everything just seemed a little calmer and more organised, I even managed to knock up this bean bag for Nathaniel that I promised him around Christmas time (bad, bad Mummy). He was thrilled to bits and was kind and said that his Sebastian could have a "very little turn" and here is the evidence;

There is another bean bag cut out and ready to go but tomorrow is playgroup and the girls have a dental appointment and we're having a visit from my friend Sarah later in the day and hoepfully my newly ordered circular knitting needle will arrive and maybe even my clothes making book (what have I gotten myself into, that bad Amanda, putting ideas in my head) so a bsuy day..........

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day Eight Was Rubbish!

I want to start by saying a big thank you to Ali for such a wonderful idea and an even bigger thank you to Jo for sending me beautiful gifts that I will treasure.

Day seven is so lovely I was (very nearly) speechless and slightly tearful;

It's to keep my coffee warm, which in itself is wonderful but look at the little family;

L-R: Sebastian, Francecsa, Simon, me, Nathaniel and Elizabeth.

It's purple, it has daisies, a miniature family and a heart on the back;

A perfect, thoughtful, effort filled gift!

Day six was good too, this little flower brooch, all stitched and lilac and beaded and buttoned;

I must say though, that after a week of little treasures and surprises every morning today was somewhat of a let own :-(

Hoping we can all do the same thing again next week year?

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Have You Seen My New Hat

Just look at the lovely purpleness of it and how well it fits and how beautifully knitted it is;

And see how happy it made me this morning;

Thank you Jo, day four is my fave (so far)!!

Daisie xxx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Great Questions Of Our Time

Why was it this morning NB: first day of half term holiday, my children were all up and making a none too quiet 'den' on Elizabeth's top bunk at 6:45am? And on any other school-attending Monday morning when I have been up for an age; showering, packing lunches, laying out clothes and making breakfasts that I then have to stand at the foot of the stairs yelling for them to get up!? I think this is the very bestest example of the law-of-sod I have come across for a while.

I was very glad that we are on special day number three and I was able to open this yummy package with the coffee that Simon so thoughtfully brought me;

Unlike yesterday's yarn I know exactly what this is going to be, squeal!

And after the mad moving of shit decluttering yesterday morning for the party and then being the bestest, calmest, not shouting, stash sharing Mummy I had a good sit down and bit of a knit and as Elizabeth was feeling a little left out she sat with me and created a master piece of her own. Can you guess what it is yet;


She is rather pleased with herself and I have a feeling my felt scraps bag will be raided at least once more this holiday.

Daisie xxx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Special Day With Added Specialness!

Today Francesca celebrated her birthday with her special friends.

We ate cake;

And decorated paper chinese fans with a huge array of sparkles and paint and then they decorated small heart shaped jewellery boxes. We had a great time as no one wanted to be 'in charge' and there were no arguemnets and very little silliness. I had a great time and Sebastian enjoyed the attentions of four small girls;

Seb sat by and enjoyed some toys while we crafted and chatted away, even though she is my baby she is so grown up in the company of her friends, I had a wonderful time;

And the added specialness today came in the form of some rather posh and yummy looking chocolates (these have been stashed away for a quiet evening when all small people are in bed so I don't have to share);

And in yesterday's rather funky box;

Is some amazingly soft yarn in a lovely colour that is neither pink, mushroom or purple;

Any pattern suggestions for 100g of this and two needles (I still can't get my head round four) gratefully received :-)

Off for a good sit down and maybe some more breast knitting, kinda needless to say that I didn't get them all finished, no one minded though!

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Busy Two Days

I am much much better and want to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments left on my last post.

Yesterday saw the boys and I on a very exciting adventure to visit some new friends. We travelled across to the Black Sheep Barn, somewhere I will definately be going back to, to meet the lovely Jo and her beautiful son Aidan. He is small and clever with shining eyes and a mop of curly blonde hair. He and Nathaniel are very alike; they think far too much for boys who are only two! We did a little shopping at the big barn (oooh, it was so exciting, could have spent a fortune) and then set off to the nearby village of Culcheth to find some coffee and cake.

We had a lovely chat about our boys and babies and breasts (yes, sorry) and swap anxieties (so glad to know it's not just me that suffers).

Nathaniel met Postman Pat;

And a Thomas impersonator;

Then Nathaniel completley showed me up in public lodged a very vocal complaint at having to visit another wool shop. So we wound up our visit and headed home. I think had it been warmer and we'd have been in the park the boys would have been happier and our conversation would have gone on much longer (thought of loads of things I wanted to know after we'd parted) but it was just all too much for two small, serious, blonde boys. Nathaniel only just made it out of the car park before falling asleep;

And the reason we met up was to exchange our Seven Days Of Specialness Swap gifts in person. We know it's a little late but figured what Ali didn't know couldn't hurt her!
I am so excited for the coming week, look at all these goodies;

They are wrapped in crafting magazine pages and a dress pattern, very imaginative Jo, I may be stealing the idea. I numbered my gifts for Jo so she would know what order to open them in, I'm not sure if there was any reasoning behind my numbering other than my terrible anal retentiveness. The gifts I was given are not numbered. Jo only said to open the biggest one last. So I grabbed the biggest one and quickly wrote '7' on it. I then asked Elizabeth to randomly number the others one to six. I was concerned that it would have taken me a good hour every day this week to decide which gift to open, this way I'll know.

And then today has seen a huge boobie meet up day. It's called a 'Planning Day' and happens a couple of times each year where all the peer supporters from the surrounding area come together and discuss issues that affect some or all of us and how best to address them. It's also a chance for us all to meet socially and update any training.

As I missed my graduation last thursday I was handed my certifictes and ID badge and gubbins* today infront of everyone. As the guest who delivered the certificates to the rest of my group wasn't there I was given my certificates and a big hug from a lovely lady called Tina who is the chair 'breast mate' over in Rossendale. She also happens to be the very nice staff nurse who supported my choice to breastfeed during Sebastian's hospital stay before christmas!

I am knackered now, a very long day indeed (although probably longer for Simon as he has had the big three and is also marking exam scripts for AQA).

Another long day tomorrow as I am entertaining three of Francesca's friends who are coming to make some crafty goodness and celebrate her birthday.

Night all, Daisie xxx

*I will elaborate at a later date.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What I Need Is.....

...... an early menopause! Feeling very sorry for myself today. I am not at graduation, am not partying, am not celebrating wonderful magic breasts with like minded people, am not showing off my amazing new hair colour. I have a migraine. Again. I have suffered migraine for twenty years now and if my mother is anything to go by I will suffer for another twenty years until I reach my menopause. I would swap any day for normal 'period pain'. Give me back ache, belly ache and general grottiness once a month. I have two days of stabbing eye pain, sickness, and aversion to light when I 'ovualte' and then four days of hell when I menstruate. I awoke at 3am yesterday morning to be sick. I had a piercing pain through my right eye from back to front, I had a numb cheek on the right side and a numb shoulder and breast on the same side. I knew this was going to be bad. I didn't dress yesterday and barely moved from the bed. Am so glad that my boys are so good and they just lay with me, Sebastian swapping from side to side, Nathaniel watching cbeebies and stroking my hair from time to time. I have been to school now three times in the same pair of vomit smelling pyjamas. I am going to try and get washed in a little while. I have managed to be sick only twice this morning. Yesterday I had to stop the car en route to school to be sick, the ultimate humiliation (I do hope no one saw me). This is the worst I have been since I became pregnant with Sebastian, I don't get them regularly when I'm pregnant. I think it's time to get serious again about treatment. It's stealing my life. I have tried hormone treatments and various drug packages without success but it has all gone by the way side as most of the last nine years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding. I cannot spend the next twenty years like this. Feeling very sorry for myself and am teary about missing a very important celebration of my efforts and passion and ability. But crying is making my head hurt more, sniff, pulling self together. But on the plus side, I have managed to keep down water this morning and the numbness has left my breast so we have hit the peak and are now on the way back to normality. The strange (and annoying) thing is that I have not started to menstruate again and don't expect to for a while!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Happy Birthday Francesca!

I don't have many digital images of the girls so this is a mixed bag of my smallest girl who is six today!

On our wedding day with her Auntie Naomi and her big sister;

Being beautiful in the garden;

With Mummy (in slimmer days);

During her first Christmas;

And just a few weeks old being loved to sleep by a two year old Elizabeth;

Happy birthday baby, I love you more than you'll ever know! xxx

Sunday, 7 February 2010

And They Called It Monkey Love

Just before Olivia's monkey went off to her party this afternoon she managed a quick cuddle with this young rouge;

Don't they make a lovely couple;

He will be off to live with his new owner sometime soon.

Wardrobe problem solved! I spent ages in town shopping with Elizabeth yesterday trying on clothes and not being happy with how I look, my muffin top is huge! But then today, en route to Olivia's party, Francecsa and I dived into George (at asda, classy shopper me) for something else and I found an amazingly lovely purple top. It's soft and strectchy so easy to get boobies out of for boy, longer line so hides a multitude of lardiness and has some sparkle, hurrah for George!! Leggings and boots and a new hair colour and Bob is your Auntie!

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Breast A Day

Do you all remember my prize winning breast? New comers may not so click the link and go see the story behind my breast;

I graduate on Thursday next week, very exciting, mayor and press arriving, certificates dished out and smiles all round, clothing nightmare (do I go with jeans and a black tee or jeans and a black tee?!) aside I have a knitting problem. One of my class mates asked me to knit a breast for her. I said I would and then I thought how nice it would be if we all had a DaisieDavies breast in our kit bags. Well, I said that and then other things kinda got in the way......... so now I have seven days in which to knit seven breasts. If there's a funny smell it'll be the smoke from my needles!

I have now completed the La Leche League Peer Supporters course and a UNICEF accredited course in breast feeding management that works in conjuction with The Baby Friendly Initiative.

It's official, I now know what I'm talking about!! I now have six months of training to back up my six+ years experience of breastfeeding. I can't wait to get out there and making a difference and maybe when Seb ventures into the world of nursery and school I may even get paid for it too. Blimey. Employment!

Daisie xxx