Monday, 15 February 2010

Great Questions Of Our Time

Why was it this morning NB: first day of half term holiday, my children were all up and making a none too quiet 'den' on Elizabeth's top bunk at 6:45am? And on any other school-attending Monday morning when I have been up for an age; showering, packing lunches, laying out clothes and making breakfasts that I then have to stand at the foot of the stairs yelling for them to get up!? I think this is the very bestest example of the law-of-sod I have come across for a while.

I was very glad that we are on special day number three and I was able to open this yummy package with the coffee that Simon so thoughtfully brought me;

Unlike yesterday's yarn I know exactly what this is going to be, squeal!

And after the mad moving of shit decluttering yesterday morning for the party and then being the bestest, calmest, not shouting, stash sharing Mummy I had a good sit down and bit of a knit and as Elizabeth was feeling a little left out she sat with me and created a master piece of her own. Can you guess what it is yet;


She is rather pleased with herself and I have a feeling my felt scraps bag will be raided at least once more this holiday.

Daisie xxx


smilernpb said...

Oh definately a prime example of sod's law!

It's 10.48 on day 1 of half term and my two are fighting over playing with their newest toy....Bronte! Oh joy. It's gonna be a loooooooooong week!

Hugs xx

PS Love the bunny! So cute! Well done xx

Jude said...

My goodness...those yarns are fantastic!! you lucky thing, keep posting, I'm hanging on with baited breath.
Bunny is it mating season yet, you could end up with a whole family of them by the end of the week...hehe!