Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Breast A Day

Do you all remember my prize winning breast? New comers may not so click the link and go see the story behind my breast;

I graduate on Thursday next week, very exciting, mayor and press arriving, certificates dished out and smiles all round, clothing nightmare (do I go with jeans and a black tee or jeans and a black tee?!) aside I have a knitting problem. One of my class mates asked me to knit a breast for her. I said I would and then I thought how nice it would be if we all had a DaisieDavies breast in our kit bags. Well, I said that and then other things kinda got in the way......... so now I have seven days in which to knit seven breasts. If there's a funny smell it'll be the smoke from my needles!

I have now completed the La Leche League Peer Supporters course and a UNICEF accredited course in breast feeding management that works in conjuction with The Baby Friendly Initiative.

It's official, I now know what I'm talking about!! I now have six months of training to back up my six+ years experience of breastfeeding. I can't wait to get out there and making a difference and maybe when Seb ventures into the world of nursery and school I may even get paid for it too. Blimey. Employment!

Daisie xxx


niftyknits said...

Well done hun! I remember your boob very well of course. If all else fails I have three here!

Sarah said...

Wahey! Well done on completing your course - you must be a super duper expert now!

Hope to get over your way soon

x x x

Jude said...

Well done you!!
I'm sure you do know what you're talking about! It's a shame you don't get paid now.
Good luck with the knitting and the wardrobe decisions...don't forget your camera!
Take care

Swirlyarts said...

I'd go for jeans and a black tee :D Have fun graduating!

jennyflower said...

So proud of you -does that sound weird? Good luck with the boobs, and have fun on the big day. hugs x

smilernpb said...


I finished my course today, books have to be handed in to be viewed, but I have been assured that I am now a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter! :o) We have to get knitted breasts and certifictaes handed out in the near future, however I have the knitting pattern for my mum, hopefully, to knit me one.