Wednesday, 24 February 2010


So I managed to make Elizabeth's bean bag yesterday;

And my book arrived and along side them were these little lovelies for my devouring but I have a feeling they may have to be put away until my birthday, thank you Simon;

Today I have a headache and am feeling rather ill but not as bad as last time. I have made tomorrow's meals and stashed them in the fridge just incase. I am also off to see our GP in the morning. I had some rather interesting information following my headache blog post and now feel there may be a solution, watch this space....

Today I made a new style bag. I grabbed the greaseproof paper and made my own pattern and although it needs a little tweaking here and there, overall, I am very pleased;

Anyhoo, am off to bed when the children go in half an hour, Simon is working late, I have left instructions on the fridge/microwave for his meal later, feel kinda bad as he will have done a 13 hour day.

Daisie xxx


Hannah said...

can i ask what this information is? I have been told that my vertigo is migraine induced and have been trying to find ways to get the migraines under control. I hope the visit to the GP is useful and you get to the bottom of it xxx

Jude said...

Nice bag, lovely bean bag.
Hope allgoes well at the docs.
Take care

Becks said...

Lovely bags. Good choice of books too. The breastfeeding book is top of my wishlist (mothers day hints) and what mothers do is often thumbed through here.
Hope you have a reassuring visit to the GP.

sue said...

Fab bags :)
I also would love the breastfeeding book, I'm going to pop over to amazon now lol.
sue xx

jackanne said...

Hello clever lady !! i am doing a suprise giveaway this week you are very welcome to join in. xxx

Jude said...

Hello, just going back through looking for sock monkey link... saw these photos of books...what are they about and wound they be worth reading by my daughter in Saudi with not much support, especially regarding breastfeeding...they don't approve (seemingly).She's due June 27th..and gets all info from internet at the moment..? All advice gratefully recieved.. so, off to look for sock monkey again..