Monday, 22 February 2010


I had a very purple themed visit to SAMS the scrapstore today, I came away with these beautiful yummy fabrics;

The two on the right are destined to be used for a prototype that is forming in my head, the ones on the left are about to be turned into a bag or two.

This fabric is going to be a summer frock for a small girl;

I also picked up some very soft purple yarn and some elastic and some glue and some braid and some lined paper and a few other goodies to boot, all for the princely (earth saving) sum of £5, bargain!!

The girls were back at school today and everything just seemed a little calmer and more organised, I even managed to knock up this bean bag for Nathaniel that I promised him around Christmas time (bad, bad Mummy). He was thrilled to bits and was kind and said that his Sebastian could have a "very little turn" and here is the evidence;

There is another bean bag cut out and ready to go but tomorrow is playgroup and the girls have a dental appointment and we're having a visit from my friend Sarah later in the day and hoepfully my newly ordered circular knitting needle will arrive and maybe even my clothes making book (what have I gotten myself into, that bad Amanda, putting ideas in my head) so a bsuy day..........

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

I want a SAMS, I want a SAMS, I want a SAMS----if I keep it up long enough and mae a placard do you think I'll get one?

Tip Top said...

Fab beanbag!!