Sunday, 7 February 2010

And They Called It Monkey Love

Just before Olivia's monkey went off to her party this afternoon she managed a quick cuddle with this young rouge;

Don't they make a lovely couple;

He will be off to live with his new owner sometime soon.

Wardrobe problem solved! I spent ages in town shopping with Elizabeth yesterday trying on clothes and not being happy with how I look, my muffin top is huge! But then today, en route to Olivia's party, Francecsa and I dived into George (at asda, classy shopper me) for something else and I found an amazingly lovely purple top. It's soft and strectchy so easy to get boobies out of for boy, longer line so hides a multitude of lardiness and has some sparkle, hurrah for George!! Leggings and boots and a new hair colour and Bob is your Auntie!

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

What a pair of monkeys! Glad you have your outfit sorted- sounds perfect. Hooray and cry God for Saint George!


Monkeys are fantastic! So very cute!
Glad you got yourself sorted out - these longline tops are wonderful.

Vicky x

Bagladee said...

Oh they do make a lovely pair! :D and so glad you found a triumphant ensemble Yey for George. xx

smilernpb said...

Lovely monkeys - so cute!

I've found George is pretty good in the past for clothing, especially breast-feeding friendly loose clothing so YAY for Geroge@Asda!!