Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day Eight Was Rubbish!

I want to start by saying a big thank you to Ali for such a wonderful idea and an even bigger thank you to Jo for sending me beautiful gifts that I will treasure.

Day seven is so lovely I was (very nearly) speechless and slightly tearful;

It's to keep my coffee warm, which in itself is wonderful but look at the little family;

L-R: Sebastian, Francecsa, Simon, me, Nathaniel and Elizabeth.

It's purple, it has daisies, a miniature family and a heart on the back;

A perfect, thoughtful, effort filled gift!

Day six was good too, this little flower brooch, all stitched and lilac and beaded and buttoned;

I must say though, that after a week of little treasures and surprises every morning today was somewhat of a let own :-(

Hoping we can all do the same thing again next week year?

Daisie xxx

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niftyknits said...

wonderful! I was just looking in twitter for you - somebody was asking for a breast feeding expert. don't you tweet?