Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Special Day With Added Specialness!

Today Francesca celebrated her birthday with her special friends.

We ate cake;

And decorated paper chinese fans with a huge array of sparkles and paint and then they decorated small heart shaped jewellery boxes. We had a great time as no one wanted to be 'in charge' and there were no arguemnets and very little silliness. I had a great time and Sebastian enjoyed the attentions of four small girls;

Seb sat by and enjoyed some toys while we crafted and chatted away, even though she is my baby she is so grown up in the company of her friends, I had a wonderful time;

And the added specialness today came in the form of some rather posh and yummy looking chocolates (these have been stashed away for a quiet evening when all small people are in bed so I don't have to share);

And in yesterday's rather funky box;

Is some amazingly soft yarn in a lovely colour that is neither pink, mushroom or purple;

Any pattern suggestions for 100g of this and two needles (I still can't get my head round four) gratefully received :-)

Off for a good sit down and maybe some more breast knitting, kinda needless to say that I didn't get them all finished, no one minded though!

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Wowweee that birthday cake looks spectacular!! And soooooo yummy!! Love the colour of that yarn...I'm pretty useless at knitting but I'm sure you'll make something lovely. Enjoy your chocolates.xx

smilernpb said...

Cake looks delicious!

Enjoy the chocolates and the wool, sorry no suggestions from me as I am hopeless at knitting....maybe one day though....


Tip Top said...

The yarn looks good enough to eat!!!!

Hope she had a fab birthday!

Re the migraines - did you eat or drink anything different when pregnant thus stopping the bad pain or was it the fact you were pregnant?

Jo said...

That cake is amazing!