Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Thank You

A very late thank you to Kathryn over at Lazy Daisy Glass who had a fabulous giveaway on her blog of which I was the winner!! Big grin :D, look what I won;

I thought these were really quirky little items when I first saw them but I can now say they are even more amazing in the 'flesh'. I love it so much, thanks Kathryn!!

No pictures from me as the camera has died, really rather naffed off about it as I have been busy making lovely new things for the school fayre on Friday including a rather nice pirate sock monkey (he has an eye patch and everything) so I am hoping that some lovely person at school will take some pics of my stall and let me use them. If you are nearby and at a lose end on Friday afternoon it would be lovely to see you but be warned, it's a manic two hours!!

I have also been involved in a breastfeeding steering group meet up this week too but more on that on the other blog.

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Husband Is One Lucky Guy!!

No, really. Not only is he married to the most wonderful woman in the world (she doesn't mind that he lives with me, haha) see, even Twiggy says so and Kath, they both gave me this award;

And father to the four most beautiful children ever born;

But now he has some woman sending him.........


Kelly read the review I wrote on the freebie snacks we got to try and took pity on poor Simon and sent him the Toastie loaf he longed for! It is his favourite and I now have a really cool Warbie's box for storing stuff in and will get a buzz all day that when the TNT guy thought he was being funny and said; "Here are love, some bread!" I said "It is actually!" He just looked confused and wandered back to his van muttering!!

Off for a walk in the sunshine, some baby yoga and then maybe home from school via the park, tis rather sunny, better get out while it lasts!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bags Of Prepartation

Both mental and physical prepartaion. Today is a first, my boys are spending the afternoon with a childminder. Phew. It's exciting as it means I can now do home visits and man a phone line and do a one-to-one drop in advice session but I have a very sick feeling. Nathaniel is very excited and has taken his lunch box to B's and is looking forward to playing with the other little boy there who is two too. Seb is smiling and laughing and his usual self (even after having an awful night with his teeth), I have filled his belly, sent some cheesie leeks, some rice and fruit and some EBM and his Doidy cup. I know in my rational mind that this will be wonderful for the three of us. They can have an adventure once a week with a lovely lady that I know will give them everything they need and love them. I can have some time for me and be someone other than Mummy.

In panic style, very true to my nature I knocked up some bags;

One for B to hang on the pram when she has the boys with enough room for everything they will need (no room for me though);

Spare clothes incase of spills, wet play or muddy puddles and a nappy packet;

Enough wipes for lots of dirty faces and bottoms;

And a new Boobie Kit Bag for me with enough room for everything I need;

That matches my eveidence file beautifully (even if I do say so myself);

Today I am not doing anything boobie related, I am having some me time (the first for a very long time) and I have already changed the beds, taken stuff up to the attic and done some laundry, next to do is hang the laundry, clean the bathroom, vac through, mop the floors and then maybe have a little sit down and sew and maybe watch 60 minute makeover as I know the woman who's on this week, she is the grandmother of one of Nathaniel's girlfriends!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pin Cushion Swap Take Two

This is not quite what I wanted to do, I have been keeping my beady eye out for a small pretty screw top glass jar but it wasn't to be so I resorted to using an old metal sweetie tin. I randomly embroidered a flower onto some felt and then padded the top of the tin and finished it off with the hot glue gun and some ribbon;

It makes a great little hidey hole for twinkley things and other treasures.

Here are all the goodies I sent;

Some long pins with little hearts at the end, a bag of my buttons, a wellie peg, a felt flower card, some dasiy hair slides and no swap would be complete without some posh chocs!

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pin Cushion Swap Goodies

Claire set up a pincushion swap a few weeks ago and I put my name in the hat. I was partnered with the lovely Eileen and this is what arrived this morning;

A pretty covered shoe box that I've no doubt will be used for keeping treasures safe in my stash cupboard. Look inside;

A funky stick-it-on-your-wrist patchwork pincushion, some yummy bits of fabric, some buttons, sparkly sequins, ribbons, chocolate and a lovely patchwork piece with an appliqued bird;

Wonderful, thanks Eileen!

And the excitement got far too much for my small boys, they fell asleep;

And looked like dozing bookends;

Daisie xxx

Friday, 16 April 2010

Monkey Love

A lazy few days here (again), just digging in the garden, laundry, baby clinic and a little monkey making;

She looks quite comfy on the piano but she'll soon be looking for a new home at the school fair at the end of the month;

I'll pop back and show you pictures of what I sent off for the pincushion swap tomorrow as it has arrived at it's destination.

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 15 April 2010


The children and I walked in the sunshine to the centre this morning to take part in a treasure hunt. The treasure wasn't all that (Nathaniel had convinced himself that he was going to win a "Mummy sized Iggle-Piggle") but the weather was lovely and the company was brilliant. My buddy Claire and here two little lovelies walked back with us, via the bakers, here they all are;

I think Kae-Lei was trying to give Li-Bau rabbit ears but ended up hiding Francesca's face instead. I did take several of this group sitting and this was the best!!

When we got back the girls disappeared upstairs and the boys dashed out the back door so Claire and I snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and these;

Freebies from Warburton's, they contacted me a while ago, they are a local bakers and this is a new range for them. I said yes to the PR bod just because the name Chippidy Doodaa made me smile and Simon twisted my arm and said that if I said lots of nice things about them then maybe they would send him a Toastie Loaf every week! I don't think they will but he can dream.

The Sweet Chilli Snackadoodles were Claire's favourite, the children loved these too (we shared when they re-emerged from their play), they have a lovely warmth but are not firey and unlike other rice/corn cracker thingies (you all know the ones I mean) they are not chewy and plastic feeling in your mouth, they have a clean crunch. The cheesie snackadoodles were nice too but we really loved the sweet chilli ones :-)
Claire wasn't so keen on the Chippidy Doo Daas, we tried the cheesie ones first, the flavour was strong and the DooDaas are quite dry, maybe we should have been dunking them in some yummy dip though. Francesca on the other hand really liked these and promptly relieved us of them and guzzled the lot! I did love the salt and vinegar ones, they were super yummy and I would definately buy those again and scoff them without dip, they made me want to straighten the bag and just tip them in. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So all in all I think the new snack range from Warbie's is rather lovely, a great alternative to salty, greasy potato crisps. And I love the quirky design of the packs.

Anyhoo, I really must pay proper attention to the Great Debate instead of all this snackie stuff, all I have managed to hear really is that David Cameron is expecting a baby about twenty seven gazillion times, good timing me thinks or is that very cynical of me?! Oooh, must watch out, politics is another bloggy no-no I'm sure!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Creepy Crawly Roadshow

It's been ages since I blogged. I have a new computer, but not yay! It died and with it took all my photos since Christmas :-( Thank goodness for Blogger, at least I have some of them stored here. We are looking at trying some recovery but I'm not holding my breath. A lesson to us all to do a weekly back-up! And the new 'pute doesn't yet have a photo package installed so I can move my pics from the camera to here but can't view or edit them so don't expect to many over the next week or so.

So we spent a day shopping for a new 'pute. We've done an Asda shop, we've dug up some stuff out back so we can level the stone floor in preparation for the climbing wall coming (very exciting indeed), Francesca and I did the baby clinic on Friday, we've been to see the creepy crawly roadshow at the Children's Centre. The guy was very knowledgable but kinda lost the smaller people somewhere along the way with his monotone voice and random blatherings. I enjoyed it though and learned some things I didn't know about small slimey things.

The girls got friendly with some snakes;

And that's about it for now. Must go and put a bra on before the man with the skip arrives, don't want to scare him away!!

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sleeping Beauty And The Wall

Although, maybe, that should read the wall and sleeping beauty as blogger seems to have put the pictures in the wrong way up tonight?

The wall is up and rendered, inside-out;

And outside-in;

It's all looking rather good me thinks! Can't wait for it to 'go off' as they say and we can paint it and make it all lovely and nice out there in time for the better weather.

We've had a lazy couple of days here, Francesca is running a bit of a temp and is oh so tired. It doesn't seem to be anything particular, just generally tired and under the weather. When I have asked her to tell me how she is poorly (sore throat/head/tummy/ear etc) she just says she is poorly all over. We have been out and had our hair cut today, both Francecsa and Elizabeth have gone much shorter and they look fabulous (will show pics at some point) and Francesca and I have spent some time this afternoon sorting through her wardrobe getting rid of things that no longer fit and making space for new hand-me-downs from her sister. I think it took it out of her a little as when she had eaten only a small amount of pasta she said she was going to bed. It was just 6pm. I went up five minutes later to make sure she was ok and found this;

My sleeping beauty! She is so big and clever and grown up and wonderful but when she goes to sleep she becomes my baby again and I could just watch her for hours.

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

We're Racing For Life

If you are not racing this year then maybe you could pop a hand in your pocket and donate a little for me and my girls and all the people that Cancer Research UK help every year with our help!

Daisie xxx


Not mine, Ruth's but don't go over there whatever you do, those goodies are mine!!!!!

Monday, 5 April 2010

The Wall (And Other Exciting Events)

Life has been taking a lovely slow drive the last few days due to the school holidays, we have been getting up later, going to bed later and generally just rubbing along together at a slow pace. I have cleaned the car (very bad woman, last time I cleaned it I was pregnant) and now it is sparkling. Yesterday we took on the massive journey to the in-law's second home in the deepest darkest woods of Shropshire. The house is beautiful and the children spent most of the day running around outside in the garden. I gave Elizabeth the camera thinking we would have lots of lovely pictures of Granny's cottage......... all we got were this one of Sebastian wearing Francecsa's sunglasses;

And one of the waterfall in the garden;

I was expecting more really but nevermind.

And now the wall, inside-out;

And outside-in;

It's growing quite nicely, I can't wait to get it all painted and reshuffle the garden in time for the good weather (or is that wishful thinking on too manmy levels?).

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I Feel Slightly Exposed!

My very friendly builder arrived soon after eight this morning (I was not a pretty sight as had been awake until 5.20am with a very sorry for himself Sebastian, so dozed off rather deeply and when my eyes opened again it was 7.20 OMG!) and started knocking down the wall of the garden. This is the view from inside out;

And this is the view from the outside in;

You may remeber we knocked the shed down to give us a little more outside space, well, it appears that the shed was the only thing stopping the outside wall from wobbling over! And please humour me here, I know it is just a small hard standing or yard on the back of our terraced home typical of it's age and the area we're in but if it was in Chelsea it would be described as a large terraced cottage with a walled courtyard garden! It is my little garden on the back of my little house and I love it!

Hopefully we won't be without it too long, I feel rather exposed to the rear. The children and I live in the larger back room during the day and the view from the large window is very odd now. I did feel better when they swept up and hung the gate back on it's hinges and I was able to replace the padlock, am I very strange?

And after all the yucky, mucky, rainy images here are the cupcakes I made for Claire and company yesterday;

Thanks so much Claire, your childcare is invaluable and the de-brief after parents' evening was just what I needed!

And you may have noticed (well, probably not, especially if you're in reader) there is a knitted breast over there and if you click on it it will take you to my new breasty blog. I have regular emails from readers and friends of readers who want to know things, there are many things I want to share but after the horrid emails I recieved the last time I shared my opinions with you all I thought it best to keep them seperate. I don't want to upset people or alienate readers, I have made some lovely bloggy pals but am fully aware that we don't all share the same views. This way I can document my breasty adventure and keep all my lovely crafty family type people here.

Daisie xxx