Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sleeping Beauty And The Wall

Although, maybe, that should read the wall and sleeping beauty as blogger seems to have put the pictures in the wrong way up tonight?

The wall is up and rendered, inside-out;

And outside-in;

It's all looking rather good me thinks! Can't wait for it to 'go off' as they say and we can paint it and make it all lovely and nice out there in time for the better weather.

We've had a lazy couple of days here, Francesca is running a bit of a temp and is oh so tired. It doesn't seem to be anything particular, just generally tired and under the weather. When I have asked her to tell me how she is poorly (sore throat/head/tummy/ear etc) she just says she is poorly all over. We have been out and had our hair cut today, both Francecsa and Elizabeth have gone much shorter and they look fabulous (will show pics at some point) and Francesca and I have spent some time this afternoon sorting through her wardrobe getting rid of things that no longer fit and making space for new hand-me-downs from her sister. I think it took it out of her a little as when she had eaten only a small amount of pasta she said she was going to bed. It was just 6pm. I went up five minutes later to make sure she was ok and found this;

My sleeping beauty! She is so big and clever and grown up and wonderful but when she goes to sleep she becomes my baby again and I could just watch her for hours.

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

She'll always be your sweet!

JuicyFig said...

My little 18 year old baby often asks me what I am staring at - "my gorgeous baby girl" - she just smiles at that.

so - any fancy colours planned for the wall - or is it to be white???


Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Hello Daisie

I' please to say that you have won my blog giveaway - an olive green recycled bottle will be on its way to you soon. (I'm away this weekend, returning Wednesday, so will send after). Please let me know your home address - please contact
Well done