Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Husband Is One Lucky Guy!!

No, really. Not only is he married to the most wonderful woman in the world (she doesn't mind that he lives with me, haha) see, even Twiggy says so and Kath, they both gave me this award;

And father to the four most beautiful children ever born;

But now he has some woman sending him.........


Kelly read the review I wrote on the freebie snacks we got to try and took pity on poor Simon and sent him the Toastie loaf he longed for! It is his favourite and I now have a really cool Warbie's box for storing stuff in and will get a buzz all day that when the TNT guy thought he was being funny and said; "Here are love, some bread!" I said "It is actually!" He just looked confused and wandered back to his van muttering!!

Off for a walk in the sunshine, some baby yoga and then maybe home from school via the park, tis rather sunny, better get out while it lasts!

Daisie xxx

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