Thursday, 1 April 2010

I Feel Slightly Exposed!

My very friendly builder arrived soon after eight this morning (I was not a pretty sight as had been awake until 5.20am with a very sorry for himself Sebastian, so dozed off rather deeply and when my eyes opened again it was 7.20 OMG!) and started knocking down the wall of the garden. This is the view from inside out;

And this is the view from the outside in;

You may remeber we knocked the shed down to give us a little more outside space, well, it appears that the shed was the only thing stopping the outside wall from wobbling over! And please humour me here, I know it is just a small hard standing or yard on the back of our terraced home typical of it's age and the area we're in but if it was in Chelsea it would be described as a large terraced cottage with a walled courtyard garden! It is my little garden on the back of my little house and I love it!

Hopefully we won't be without it too long, I feel rather exposed to the rear. The children and I live in the larger back room during the day and the view from the large window is very odd now. I did feel better when they swept up and hung the gate back on it's hinges and I was able to replace the padlock, am I very strange?

And after all the yucky, mucky, rainy images here are the cupcakes I made for Claire and company yesterday;

Thanks so much Claire, your childcare is invaluable and the de-brief after parents' evening was just what I needed!

And you may have noticed (well, probably not, especially if you're in reader) there is a knitted breast over there and if you click on it it will take you to my new breasty blog. I have regular emails from readers and friends of readers who want to know things, there are many things I want to share but after the horrid emails I recieved the last time I shared my opinions with you all I thought it best to keep them seperate. I don't want to upset people or alienate readers, I have made some lovely bloggy pals but am fully aware that we don't all share the same views. This way I can document my breasty adventure and keep all my lovely crafty family type people here.

Daisie xxx


JuicyFig said...

Hope you manage to get your wall sorted out - it is lovely to see a photo of a house that looks so familiar - I think your yard look about 3 foot wider than mine!
it's grand being a northerner!


WendyCarole said...

we have a little yard like you, a tiny bit of it is earth and the rest flags. We have filled it with planters and I love it. We have a couple of big bushes and change the rest of the plants through the seasons.
We have birds that vist. Most of the other yards are filled with junk or people have just about squeezed in a car.

twiggypeasticks said...

ooo our first house ie the last one we had, was a terrace and had a fab yard round the back. We had a little table and chairs and lots of pots of herbs and flowers, twas lovely. I called it my bijoux courtyard :) I used make giant cushion nests in it for Twiglet when he was teeny.
Twiggy x

Swirlyarts said...

Reminds me of the saga of our bathroom wall as the only thing holding that up were the tiles!


My house before this was just like yours - in Lancashire. I planted it up too, it was a riot of colour and wildlife. nd no doubt it is a suntrap - when we have some!
My back wall fell down too - had to have it re built!

Vicky x

Becks said...

Another thing in common - our victorian grand terrace homes with courtyards ;-)
You're yard looks just like mine. But then again that's what we're used to here up north eh?
Hope you get your wall back soon, I'd have to go into hiding if our back wall fell down!

smilernpb said...

Goodness, who would have known that the shed was keeping the wall up? Oops.

I hope that you get the wall sorted soon!

Have a happy Easter xx

Jackie said...

Starting a breasty blog is very brave indeed.
Now my first comment reaction to your knocked down wall was to say 'we'll all be over pressing our noses up against the windowpane' bearing no relation to the first part of this comment!