Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Thank You

A very late thank you to Kathryn over at Lazy Daisy Glass who had a fabulous giveaway on her blog of which I was the winner!! Big grin :D, look what I won;

I thought these were really quirky little items when I first saw them but I can now say they are even more amazing in the 'flesh'. I love it so much, thanks Kathryn!!

No pictures from me as the camera has died, really rather naffed off about it as I have been busy making lovely new things for the school fayre on Friday including a rather nice pirate sock monkey (he has an eye patch and everything) so I am hoping that some lovely person at school will take some pics of my stall and let me use them. If you are nearby and at a lose end on Friday afternoon it would be lovely to see you but be warned, it's a manic two hours!!

I have also been involved in a breastfeeding steering group meet up this week too but more on that on the other blog.

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Well done you..couldn't work it out at first but it all became clear when I went to her site..
sorry about your camera..I hate being without I know how you feel..
Take care

JuicyFig said...

As a blogger, having no camera it like having no...well it's really frustrating anyway!!!

Hope the fair went well, and the monkeys too


cupotea said...

Oh I won one of her giveaways ages ago, her stuff is just lush! lucky you I've been eyeing those plates for a while now...