Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bags Of Prepartation

Both mental and physical prepartaion. Today is a first, my boys are spending the afternoon with a childminder. Phew. It's exciting as it means I can now do home visits and man a phone line and do a one-to-one drop in advice session but I have a very sick feeling. Nathaniel is very excited and has taken his lunch box to B's and is looking forward to playing with the other little boy there who is two too. Seb is smiling and laughing and his usual self (even after having an awful night with his teeth), I have filled his belly, sent some cheesie leeks, some rice and fruit and some EBM and his Doidy cup. I know in my rational mind that this will be wonderful for the three of us. They can have an adventure once a week with a lovely lady that I know will give them everything they need and love them. I can have some time for me and be someone other than Mummy.

In panic style, very true to my nature I knocked up some bags;

One for B to hang on the pram when she has the boys with enough room for everything they will need (no room for me though);

Spare clothes incase of spills, wet play or muddy puddles and a nappy packet;

Enough wipes for lots of dirty faces and bottoms;

And a new Boobie Kit Bag for me with enough room for everything I need;

That matches my eveidence file beautifully (even if I do say so myself);

Today I am not doing anything boobie related, I am having some me time (the first for a very long time) and I have already changed the beds, taken stuff up to the attic and done some laundry, next to do is hang the laundry, clean the bathroom, vac through, mop the floors and then maybe have a little sit down and sew and maybe watch 60 minute makeover as I know the woman who's on this week, she is the grandmother of one of Nathaniel's girlfriends!!


jennyflower said...

I hope your boys are happy and settled to allow you to go and do your fantastic work happy and settled too! I had the worlds most supportive minder, they can make all the difference! xxx

Swirlyarts said...

Gosh - that is a big change. I think it will do all three of you the world of good. And what's with all the tidying and sorting? I thought it was supposed to be you time not house time? :D

JuicyFig said...

I can't remember what was worse, when my baby missed me, or when she didn't!
I hope it all goes well for you and the boys and the boobies!


Jude said...

Oh, it will do you the world of good..and, of course the boys will have a wonderful adventure..
My son screamed and screamed when I first left him. I'd started to do pottery once a week..this eventually turned into me doing a foundation course then a degree in ceramics..so..the world is your oyster!!

Jackie said...

Its a tense time but they'll be fine. You'll miss them more than they'll miss you (Sad but possible true..depending on the childminder of course).

Becks said...

Offline for a short while so catching up now. Hope all went well with your first full day to yourself and you enjoyed all you did. I'm guessing you thought far more about the boys than they did about you.
From a mama who just went through the exact same ;-)