Thursday, 15 April 2010


The children and I walked in the sunshine to the centre this morning to take part in a treasure hunt. The treasure wasn't all that (Nathaniel had convinced himself that he was going to win a "Mummy sized Iggle-Piggle") but the weather was lovely and the company was brilliant. My buddy Claire and here two little lovelies walked back with us, via the bakers, here they all are;

I think Kae-Lei was trying to give Li-Bau rabbit ears but ended up hiding Francesca's face instead. I did take several of this group sitting and this was the best!!

When we got back the girls disappeared upstairs and the boys dashed out the back door so Claire and I snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and these;

Freebies from Warburton's, they contacted me a while ago, they are a local bakers and this is a new range for them. I said yes to the PR bod just because the name Chippidy Doodaa made me smile and Simon twisted my arm and said that if I said lots of nice things about them then maybe they would send him a Toastie Loaf every week! I don't think they will but he can dream.

The Sweet Chilli Snackadoodles were Claire's favourite, the children loved these too (we shared when they re-emerged from their play), they have a lovely warmth but are not firey and unlike other rice/corn cracker thingies (you all know the ones I mean) they are not chewy and plastic feeling in your mouth, they have a clean crunch. The cheesie snackadoodles were nice too but we really loved the sweet chilli ones :-)
Claire wasn't so keen on the Chippidy Doo Daas, we tried the cheesie ones first, the flavour was strong and the DooDaas are quite dry, maybe we should have been dunking them in some yummy dip though. Francesca on the other hand really liked these and promptly relieved us of them and guzzled the lot! I did love the salt and vinegar ones, they were super yummy and I would definately buy those again and scoff them without dip, they made me want to straighten the bag and just tip them in. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So all in all I think the new snack range from Warbie's is rather lovely, a great alternative to salty, greasy potato crisps. And I love the quirky design of the packs.

Anyhoo, I really must pay proper attention to the Great Debate instead of all this snackie stuff, all I have managed to hear really is that David Cameron is expecting a baby about twenty seven gazillion times, good timing me thinks or is that very cynical of me?! Oooh, must watch out, politics is another bloggy no-no I'm sure!

Daisie xxx

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JuicyFig said...

I don't care what those snacks taste like - what cool names!!! Even better than ging abroad trying to find crisps named 'poo' or 'stinky'

Looks like you all had a great time out - it's so good when the sun shines!

I have avoided all politics so far, I am sick of the lot of them!!!