Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Proper Shop!!

I had a very exciting day yesterday (and I really deserved it after last week; a poorly Seb and a course of steroids after hanging around forever, no sleep for many many days, a car death and refusal from the RAC to collect me as I had coasted to a halt outside a kwik-fit, an £800 garage bill, no car for a week, a cold from hell that has swept through the house and floored us all one after the other, I could go on but need to stop for breath!), I went to meet with the lovely Libby and the wonderful Wayne at No 6;

I said I had been approached by a couple of outlets during the mammoth fair of last month and this one came off. They rang me and after a few cancelled appointments due to the illness from hell I went down to the gallery yesterday. It's a very new venture and still has the last owner's sign above the door (they only moved in a week ago) but I did say (in very enthusiastic terms) that No 6 should stay as it's simple and classy and does exactly what it says on the tin!!

There are currently around 26 artists displaying work at No 6, there are textile arts, paint ( water colour, acrylic, spray), sculpture, turned wood, furniture etc. It made my heart swell that Libby described my work as art. Kind of is really; an idea, a creation, a tactile artwork to wear but I never thought of it like that before.

This is my little corner;

There are a few items that Libby and I would like to add so am knitting like a loon while snuggling a poorly Francesca on the sofa.

Next week sees the arrival of their coffee machine and I have said I may bake scones too, so if you are in and aorund Burnley and fancy popping in to say hi (feel free to mention me) and view all the wonderful creations and get yourself a cuppa go along to No 6, Standish Street!!

Daisie xxx