Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Spring Fayre

Was a bit of a washout really, the weather wasn't fab but they still managed the speedball challenge in the yard and the ususal school stalls were up and running. The children are allowed to attend school on Fayre day in non-uniform, the penalty being a donation to either the chocolate tombola, the bottle tombola or the cake stand. My girls took in three dozen Gruffalo cupcakes (my poor arms were ready to drop off I can tell you!).

My stall looked like this;

My favourite bit being the monkies , the elephants and the monkies riding elephants;

They got lots of good comments and people dragged others across to see them but not one of them went to a new home :-(

I did spread out a bit with my shopping totes on the window sill;

And my shoulder bags on the window sill on the other side;

They looked brillaint with a little paper stuffing, sadly this was the only one that sold;

If you've been visiting a while you'll remeber my sign from the steam gathering that kept falling over, well my lovely Father-In-Law made a sturdy stand for it that doubles up as a little box in which I put my brooches;

Thanks Grumpy!!

I filled a pot with some blue stones to display my headbands, all of these sold except one;

The boys and I spent Thursday afternoon cutting flowers and the girls chose buttons for the centres when they came home from school so I could take along some sleepy clips, again not many sold;

It wasn't just me though, turn out was bad, not as many families as usual and takings were down on all the stalls. I made a good donation to school and what was left paid for our chipshop tea.

I spent most of yesterday at the hospital with Sebastian, his chest is very bad again and we'd had an awful night. He has an inhaler and we have 48 hour access. He seems brighter this morning and has managed to let us sleep last night, all should be well in a couple of days. *crosses fingers, arms, legs etc*

So today, as is typical on a Bank Holiday weekend, with the weather being cold and dull and everyone being tired and wanting to snuggle we are off to find a family movie and cosey up on the bean bags and eat popcorn.

Enjoy your Sunday, Daisie xxx


JuicyFig said...

What a shame!! and everything looks so lovely - I love the monkeys on elephants - was it Tarzan in the 70's/80's with his monkey who rode on the elephant with him??? Jeese, must be my age!

I hope Sebastian is ok, it is so hard watching a little one struggle for breath

Lots of love to you all, enjoy a snuggly bank holliday


Jude said...

Poor Sebastian..hope he's well soon.
What a shame..all that work!! Next time, eh?
Take care

dottycookie said...

Oh, such a shame - your stall looked lovely! Thank you for your lovely comment earlier.

Hope Sebastian is feeling much better now.

WendyCarole said...

how disappointing. Love themonkeys on th eelephants.
Hope Sebastian is better