Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Felt Goodies

Over the weekend I had out the bag that holds all my little felty scraps, Francesca designed a rabbit. I made the teeth so big when I helped her out with the face that she had to pin them up out of the way while she sewed on his tummy;

Needless to say, I was not allowed to help with the rest incase of anymore blunders, I think she did a wonderful job;

Elizabeth nicked some of the felt flowers that she had helped me cut on the die cutter and designed a little 'clutch' to hold her iPod and earphones;

It has a simple flap on the back with a red button. She learned how to do blanket stitch and was amazed by just how easy it was to do! Her she is showing off her creation;

And these are the little brooches I have made for the school fair;

Still got lots of little things left to do but have enough stuff to fill the stall now so not panicking!

The builders are arriving tomorrow to knock down an outside wall, rebuild it, knock off the render to the outside of my kitchen and then re-do it. When all is finished I hope it's warm enough for me to get up a ladder and paint it, all clean and lovely for the summer.

Nathaniel has been up all night with a terrible earache. A trip off to see the doctor (only after waiting an hour) got us some lovely antibiotics, hopefully he'll be feeling better soon, poor baby!

We have been snuggling in the warm and making yummy lemon cupcakes to take to my friend Claire's later. She's having the smaller poeple so Simon and I can go to meet with Francecsa and Elizabeth's teachers later on.

It's all fun and games here......

Daisie xxx


smilernpb said...

Wow, lots of lovely felt goodies! Well done to you all.

You commented on my blog yesterday and said you'd e-mailed me, but I didn't get any e-mail, just the message that blogspot sent me to tell me you'd erm, can you re-send please?

Thanks a lot. You know I value your opinion on the breastfeeding matters! :o)

Lots of love xx

cupotea said...

I love the wee clutch she made! Very impressed. Just popped by to say hello as I have started my pincushion to send to you today! Wahey!

Eileen x