Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Freebies And Massage

Sebastian and I went along to our last (for a while) baby massage class this morning, he loves it;

He laughs and smiles all the way through, we love it, unfortunately I can't show you my favourite picture of him because there is another mum and baby in the background and publishing pictures of other people's naked children could land one in prison, eek!

And I have had an email from a rather nice sounding lady who wants to give me free things to try. It seems to be a one off and she has found me through the blog. Am not sure if she wants a review or if they're just being nice, she doesn't say. Will mail her back for more details but if it is a review am quite flattered that she thinks little old me and my opinion are worth her time and effort. Can I ask, what would you do?

Just had confirmation of a school fair in little over four weeks so sock-type animals and other DaisieDavies goodies are in need of making!

Daisie xxx


Nancy said...

Lovely photos of Sebastian...I bet he sleeps good and sound after the massage...

I had a similar request from a jewelry seller. I took her up on the deal and got a beautiful necklace. She only asked that I post about it and link back to her using the word Pendant. Not bad for a free necklace.

TheMadHouse said...

I love the photo's. My most precious times with Maxi were our massages. I had one on one lessons with him and they were a joy

Marie said...

Oh my goodness, I just want to squish him right up!! Adorable!

I've have a couple of freebies where you just had to do a review on your blog (one for Abel and Cole and another for an online food hygiene course). Definitely worth giving it a go.


Apple Valley said...

Gorgeous pictures of your little man, x

Swirlyarts said...

I always say no when people ask me for Cuteable - I want it to stay 'this is what I like rather than I am saying this because I have been given a freebie!' That's on Cuteable though! I have been offered several things via my own blog and have always said yes! Take the freebies if it is something you are interested in :)

Love that last picture too

twiggypeasticks said...

Ha ha how cute, Twiglet used to love baby massage but is very tickly. He used to make us all laugh by giggling all way through the class and then ending with a jolly good fart :)
Twiggy x

twiggypeasticks said...

Twiglet that is,not the class :)
twiggy x

Gina said...

Such a beautiful baby. Love that last picture.

Flame said...

Imight investigate baby massage.

Argh, that isn't my cat in the kitchen... gotta run


Awwww such a cute - enough to make a girl all Broody!
Enjoy these days - they grow up so fast.

Vicky x

JuicyFig said...

I am not broody, I am NOT broody - awwww, he is so gorgeous!
I qualified as an aromatherapist years ago, and of all the skin you can massage, baby skin is just the scrummiest!!!!


Jude said...

He looks so refreshed!!.. I'm sure a massage is good for babes..
Was I imagining it?? I thought there was a link to sock monkey making on one of your posts..duh..