Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I Haven't Been Tagged By Amanda

Amanda blogged the photo tag thingie, you know, open the first photo folder and pick the tenth picture. I keep seeing them and so today I thought I'd do just that and see what happened.

Folder #1, picture #10;

This is Simon making tea on the day after I gave birth to Nathaniel. Ignore the date at the bottom, it was actually June 16th 2007! It was a very confused camera and a very confused friend of ours who took the picture and wondered why Saturday tea had been cremated by the man of the house. You can even see the raspberry leaf tablets behind him on the side. Nathaniel was very new and I was very tired. Tea was lovely Simon, just what I needed; sausages and oven chips!!

But if we open folder #10 and look at picture #1;

This is slightly more appealing if a little scary. Nathaniel's first smile caught on camera at Gulliver's World Warrington some time during the first week of August 2007.

I think I now know what to do when lacking in blog material, just pic random numbers and see what happens..........

Daisie xxx


Kitschy Coo said...

Glad someone took me up on my offer! That's an adorable picture. Of Nathaniel.

Jude said...

What a brilliant idea..if I EVER have nothing to blog about..I've emailed you..hope it makes sense!!

Swirlyarts said...

Random pics always work!

Amy said...

It's great finding random pics in the depths of your computer isn't it? Very cute pic of the littlun! Xx

Michelle said...

Are you near Warrington? If you are and ever want to meet up, give me a shout.