Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Yorshireman Keeping Me Sane!

No, not my Dad, although he did help by sitting here in the great house of vomit while I nipped out yesterday and contemplated running away and did a few errands. It was lovely to breath clean air and feel both my arms swing as no one was attached. It was odd though, everywhere I went (supermarket, post office, children's centre) I was asked 'where're the children?'

The man brightening my day first thing as I stand in the kitchen making the breakfast/coffee/packed lunches at silly O'clock is none other than the great James Martin;

Simon bought me some new kitchen knives and guess who was on the box, so there he is lingering just above my head when I am working with food. God he is beautiful, I could look at him for hours and then get him to make me some yummy pudding or other........mmmmmm ........ And I have just realised when looking for the link that you can download Mr Martin wallpaper for your computer, am I that sad? On second thoughts don't answer that. At least I don't get all hot and bothered about skinny scotsmen like someone I can think of!

The girls are much better and have returned to school this morning, Seb is now sweet smelling at both ends (hurrah) but Nathaniel is still unwell, not so much though. I was awoken this morning by a Gruffalo stomping into my bedroom telling me "You taste good on a slice of bread!"

Now I really must go and do something to this monkey, she is a sorry sight with no face;

Daisie xxx


niftyknits said...

hope the house of sick is better soon.

twiggypeasticks said...

thbptttttttttt - that's me blowing a raspberry cheeky. I don't need a hunky Yorkshireman cut out, I married a real one. I tell you what though missus, DT got a run for his money from David Morrissey last week me and my Sis are still talking about him in his swimming trunks - ding, dong. Must get out more.
hope the vomit soon goes away - urgh !
Twiggy x

JuicyFig said...

I didn't realise Yorkshire had hunky men! I got me a whole hunk of Lancashire man - phwarrr! hehehe

hope the vomitorium soon clears up!