Sunday, 28 March 2010

My Boys Are So Big

This week Nathaniel and I have been making lovely little pots of goodness for young Sebastian, he loves his food already (only five days in) and opens his mouth like a little bird to be fed then giggles with his mouth full of wonderful new flavours;

I think he may grow to eat all the vegetables under the sun like Francesca and Nathaniel (I have to hide mushrooms!). Maybe he'll find interesting ways of eating houmous like his big brother;

Here's my big boy colouring a Gruffalo picture for his Daddy's birthday;

And my other small man 'eating' Balamory our rag doll and playing us a tune on the shaker;

And following on the Gruffalo theme (what else would you give a man in his forties?) we made little brown mouse cakes for birthday tea;

Anyhoo, things to sew, knitting meetings to miss as I seem to have lost an hour somewhere (Sorry Kath).....?

Daisie xxx


JuicyFig said...

I could have done with you on our quiz team the other night - not having small children, I knew NOTHING of this strange gruffalo creature!

It is brilliant seing children tuck into their veg!


smilernpb said...

I've been making Bronte heaps of purees using the Annabel Karmel books. With her being my third, I didn't bother with the 'week of baby rice' either!

I find it easier to make huge bathces, stick them in ice cube trays and then when they've set I pop them out of the trays and into detailed bags with the date etc on. You can keep them this way for up to six weeks. Even now she's much bigger, I still do it this way, she has four ice cubes of food at a time now. We've made some great combinations so far.

She had potato, leek and pea today for lunch xx

niftyknits said...

What an excellent idea to make ice cube batches. My youngest is 23 though, so I probably won't be copying...;-)

Jude said...

Wow! Look at him sit up!!!....I've no idea who Gruffalo is either....
Thank you for becoming a FB friend.
Take care

twiggypeasticks said...

You know Twiglet given a choice chooses raw veg and fruit as snacks over cakes and sweets (unlike his Mummy:) I put this down to the little pots of goodness I made him when he started on solids. He LOVED sweet potato, carrots, squash, courgettes, the stuff that really stains clothes :) I'm sure that's why he's such a big strapping lad, keep up the good work missus.
Twiggy x
PS We are Gruffalo mad in our house!!