Monday, 8 March 2010

The House Of Vomit

A few days ago Superman came to visit;

And it's all gone down hill from there really!

As peer suporters we were told that Little Angels were to lose the funding from the PCT and were going to apply for more but no one really knew what was going to happen, the PCT assumed that we, as volunteers, would 'belong' to them. It all got rather heated and after a week of meetings here, there and everywhere we are still none the wiser! From the end of the month there will be no support (in addition to busy midwives) in hospitals or at home for Mums and their babies. As volunteers we cannot visit homes. We run groups but a Mum who is struggling during the first few days/weeks of her baby's life is not likely to be venturing out into the unknown.

I feel quite secure as I can be classed as a volunteer that belongs to my Children's Centre and be insured and supported by them. So many of the girls are in a sort of limbo until we know where the PCT stand on their volunteer programme.

My Children's Centre staff have been wonderful (yet again) and have consoled and bolstered me in this unsure time. There is the possibility of some more related training through them to enable me to do more for the community. Details are not finalised yet so I'll wait to share more with you.

During the last few days I have managed on very little sleep (so has poor Simon) as Sebastian started being sick and then Simon was rather queasy and then Nathaniel has been chucking up and then, the icing on the cake, was Elizabeth bringing back her spaghetti and meatball tea just after midnight! The house smells vile. The washing machine is nearing melt down and I am concerned we will have nothing dry to sleep under tonight!

Today Elizabeth seems brighter and has managed to eat, Sebastian has stopped bringing nastiness out of his top end and it is now pouring from his bottom end, he is not impressed, Nathaniel has been very limp and sick this morning, not even the long awaited arrival of this special Italian fellow made him smile for long;

In the last hour though, his temp has dropped to a more manageable level and he's kept a small drink down and is asking for food. Hopefully a good night's sleep is all he needs to be fully recovered?!

I have a sock monkey to finish that should have been done last week, a breast to finish knitting and a spiral scarf to cogetate over.........

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Urgh, poor you, hope you two remaining healthy types remain so, you really haven't got time to be ill! xxx

Jude said...

Oh golly gosh!! Poor you...
soon the sun will shine and the children will be playing outside and the windows will be open to rid your house of vile smells...I remember it well!
Are you doing a spiral scarf too?? Mine is in mohair and everyone I show it to says they don't like mohair....typical, fun to make though...
Take care

Swirlyarts said...

Yuck - hope a good nights sleep is all you need. I won't pester you about responding to emails then :D

dropstitch said...

Oh dear - that all sounds a bit frazzling. I had to laugh at your matter of fact "breast to finish knitting," squeezed in between the sock monkey making and spiral scarf cogitating. Hope the bugs are beaten soon and that the stench of sickness becomes a distant memory :)

Jude said...

Hello, course I'll share..but I'm working day and night shift now so not much time for me and def no time for husband..sob, sob!
Thought you might like to take a look at Inadvertant Farmer on my blog list...about the pig and rabbit...I know you have a thing for you think they's be difficult..??? they are sweet aren't they??