Monday, 22 March 2010

My Card Reader Has Crumbs In

I don't believe it! In true Victor Meldrew style with stamping foot! My bloody card reader must have crumbs in so I can't show you the picture of my lovely new skirt, yes I have the bug now. I also can't show you the rather fetching underskirt I have fashioned for myself from a smartprice sexy nightie either. I went in search of a slip (as my gandmother would have called it) to stop the reoccurance of the terrible sight of my (first) new skirt climbing it's way up my tights in the howling wind and rain en route to school this morning. It was not pretty folks. Only you cannot (for love nor money) buy underskirts anymore! Having worked with the sewing machine and shiny material before I know that I am lacking in at least twelve hands to make a good job of it so did a Dr Bob job (as it is called in our house) and bought a sexy nightie and cut the top off. A quick hem and a length of elastic and no more nobbly knees on show, hurrah!!

Will go now and blow into the side of my computer, well, it worked last time, keep fingers crossed that I will have the magic touch and will be able to show you pictures tomorrow!

Daisie xxx

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smilernpb said...

Dare I ask how you got crumbs in there? xx