Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Skirt And Some Bags

See all this time I was gone I was just thinking up a groovy new title!!

Things are just strange at the mo, I don't seem to have enough time or energy for anything really.

I did manage, just by the skin of my teeth to get my skirt made;

I'm quite pleased with my effort, it looks rather good even though it's a little roomy, even after tweeks. I had the problem that the widest part of my hip is the same measurement as my waist. I am keeping myself comforted with the thought that I have a majorly skinny ass and not that I have a big wobbly mummy tummy. So drawing the pattern block was a little odd, it looks fab on though and I'll be making more just as soon as the weather brightens a bit and allows one to wear legs again.

So what have I been up to, apart from making a skirt? Not alot really, my poor sewing machine is struggling and I spent two days trying to find the best place to get it looked at and mended and inbetween time swearing at it while I tried to complete projects. I had a birthday and got some lovely presents and just to make my day my lovely hubby bought home a beautiful NEW sewing machine from work. I knew there was a reason I'd married him! And in celebration I knocked out a couple of bags;

And that's all for now folks, chicken to roast and babies to get ready for bed and a sofa to sit upon. Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later.

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Please do look after your little self, and say if you need any help. I do hope you had a good birthday, what a lovely present to have a new machine! Your skirt is smashing and yes you must indeed simply have the worlds pertest bottom! Hugs and kisses.

jackanne said...

hi,you look lovely in your skirt,you have done a super job on that and your bags, clever lady!happy belated birthday, you super mummy of four.hugs xx

Jude said...

Hope you had a good birthday..
Skirt is wonderful, wish I could make practical things..I used to be able to..and the bags are fab.
Take care of yourself

JuicyFig said...

GLad you had a good birthday! the skirt looks great - and don't forget - Whalley knit and natter this Sunday!!!!

so now you can't say you didn't know! ;~)


auntninn said...

Pretty, pretty skirt. And I love the bags, too!