Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Still Here!

Life is a little mad;

And things are kinda upside down;

But also filled with loveliness;

I will be back when I have some time, there has been a big shake up of my peer supporter role so am attending meetings and discussing options and mashing my brain daily. There are lots of lovely developements in my role at the children's centre, exciting times. There is a teething baby. There are two busy school girls and a small boy with a sore throat. There is a mountain of laundry and the usual meals to make and mess to clean, there is also some knitting and sewing on the go.

Hope you're all ok?!

Daisie xxx
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smilernpb said...

Upside-downess and topsi-turviness is here in our house too! Great times. I am trying to keep as sane as possible as I juggle everything.

Bronte too is teething which is a NIGHTMARE as she's constantly in pain, and she now also has a cold (which hubby has caught equalling the so called Man Flu lol) so night times are super fun - lots and lots (and lots and lots) of mini feeds and not much 'quality' sleep! :o( But so far she has three teeth, so that's quite good....I suppose??

Could do with some b/f advice to bounce off you as hubby and I are going to Norway for four days next month and I really don't want this to be the end of my b/f days.....but unsure of how to go about it. From my peer support training, I haven't come across this before and wondered what you'd suggest? Let me know when/if you can. Thanks!

Hope you've had a great weekend xx

Sharon said...

Hello again! just popping by to say thank you for the kind words,very much appreciated. Take a little rest, sometimes you just need a break from the blogging, there is only so much juggling a girl can do! We'll be here when you get a chance to pop back. xx