Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Busy Two Days

I am much much better and want to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments left on my last post.

Yesterday saw the boys and I on a very exciting adventure to visit some new friends. We travelled across to the Black Sheep Barn, somewhere I will definately be going back to, to meet the lovely Jo and her beautiful son Aidan. He is small and clever with shining eyes and a mop of curly blonde hair. He and Nathaniel are very alike; they think far too much for boys who are only two! We did a little shopping at the big barn (oooh, it was so exciting, could have spent a fortune) and then set off to the nearby village of Culcheth to find some coffee and cake.

We had a lovely chat about our boys and babies and breasts (yes, sorry) and swap anxieties (so glad to know it's not just me that suffers).

Nathaniel met Postman Pat;

And a Thomas impersonator;

Then Nathaniel completley showed me up in public lodged a very vocal complaint at having to visit another wool shop. So we wound up our visit and headed home. I think had it been warmer and we'd have been in the park the boys would have been happier and our conversation would have gone on much longer (thought of loads of things I wanted to know after we'd parted) but it was just all too much for two small, serious, blonde boys. Nathaniel only just made it out of the car park before falling asleep;

And the reason we met up was to exchange our Seven Days Of Specialness Swap gifts in person. We know it's a little late but figured what Ali didn't know couldn't hurt her!
I am so excited for the coming week, look at all these goodies;

They are wrapped in crafting magazine pages and a dress pattern, very imaginative Jo, I may be stealing the idea. I numbered my gifts for Jo so she would know what order to open them in, I'm not sure if there was any reasoning behind my numbering other than my terrible anal retentiveness. The gifts I was given are not numbered. Jo only said to open the biggest one last. So I grabbed the biggest one and quickly wrote '7' on it. I then asked Elizabeth to randomly number the others one to six. I was concerned that it would have taken me a good hour every day this week to decide which gift to open, this way I'll know.

And then today has seen a huge boobie meet up day. It's called a 'Planning Day' and happens a couple of times each year where all the peer supporters from the surrounding area come together and discuss issues that affect some or all of us and how best to address them. It's also a chance for us all to meet socially and update any training.

As I missed my graduation last thursday I was handed my certifictes and ID badge and gubbins* today infront of everyone. As the guest who delivered the certificates to the rest of my group wasn't there I was given my certificates and a big hug from a lovely lady called Tina who is the chair 'breast mate' over in Rossendale. She also happens to be the very nice staff nurse who supported my choice to breastfeed during Sebastian's hospital stay before christmas!

I am knackered now, a very long day indeed (although probably longer for Simon as he has had the big three and is also marking exam scripts for AQA).

Another long day tomorrow as I am entertaining three of Francesca's friends who are coming to make some crafty goodness and celebrate her birthday.

Night all, Daisie xxx

*I will elaborate at a later date.


smilernpb said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

I love all the breast-feeding talk....I don't really 'know' anyone else who is breast-feeding so yay for us. I meet a few people at the groups, but the people change from week to week.

Well done on the certificate recieving, I look forward to hearing about everything else when you have the time to post about it!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Hugs xx

niftyknits said...

it's over 20 years since I breast-fed all my three, no such thing as groups then. I remember being thought somewhat primitive by a few - be proud of what you're doing!

Becks said...

I love, love, love theblacksheep barn, but my purse doesn't lol.
And lovely to hear how good your area seems at promoting B/F. Our local group wound up due to diminishing need - as in no-one actually breastfeeds here!! I have followed your previous posts and really hope you get the chance you want to move into paid work of this type one day. I am about to and feel so, so privileged right now.
Best wishes.