Monday, 20 July 2009

Oragnised, Me?????

Blimey, it's Monday and I am travelling a long way on Friday night to sell my goodies here with the lovely Sarah of Molly and Izzie. It all happened a bit by accident as her boyfriend didn't really want to camp and she didn't want to camp alone. So there we have it, I will be packing my goodies, my tonic water, my iron tablets and my raspberry leaf and setting of on a jolly adventure!!

Sarah emailed me all the final details the other day and apparently the organisers hope to have 40000 people through the gates during the two days so I thought I really should start making.

A new batch of t-shirts;

This is my favourite and if it doesn't sell I think I know a little boy who would love it;

A poppy shoulder bag (excuse the bits on the floor, holidays etc);

Some rather yummy tea towel pinnies;

I made a load of these a while ago when I found some really lovely pink spotted tea towels (can't rememeber if I showed you or not) and they have been really good sellers. I make big ones and little ones and they seem to sell in pairs which is nice. I really liked the 50s feeling kitchen objects on these ones;

And the spirals are cool too;

Then last night I thought maybe I should have some elephants that are a bit more manly (well less girlie anyhoo) so here is Elizabeth this morning (she is bothered by her scruffy hair but I assured her that we all have scruffy hair when we get up!) with a blue one, a red one and one that is kinda blue and kinda green depending on where the light catches it;

Off to hunt and gather some coffee beans and maybe have a walk in the park before coming home and making some more lovelies.
Daisie xxx


Mandy said...

Oh it will be great who could resist your wonderful goodies you will do great. Fingers crossed weather is on your side x

Jackie said...

you're not camping?!!!
Please tell me you're not camping....

Bagladee said...

Wow Alex, where do you get the time for all this crafting!! You are awesome!! I've always wondered about travellng around to craft shows, have you dont it before? xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Love the t.shirts and ellies.
Twiggy x

niftyknits said...

rofl - manly elephants? mind you, I've wondered if my female meerkats are a bit too rude without clothes on, so I guess I'm the same.

Jude said...

I'm with Jackie here..camping!!
Your good look wonderful, hope you have a great time, efilumps are lovely so is bed hair, I have it all day!!

jennyflower said...

Wowzers- 40,000? I should make at least 40,000 elephants then! They are ace. Look after yourself. xx