Friday, 10 July 2009

How Many In A Herd?

There is more than a couple but could they be called a herd?

These three are off to the fair with me tomorrow, there is another one cut out and ready to go if I get the chance this evening (we'll see). They look very sweet from behind too;

Today I have also been making up some more headbands with my huge knitted flowers;

They are standing in a white glass, upside down, lampshade, probably no the best display solution but at least it doesn't fall over when you lift one out for a nosey!

This really huge one is my fave, it is knitted with some twisted braid like trim that I got at the scrap store a while ago, (I have some in red too);

And just to give you an idea of scale and a look at my crappy self-portrait-style photography here it is plonked on my head;

This may just end up staying on my head and not going back in the lampshade!!
So I will be under my little gazebo surrounded by washing lines full of luverly children's clothes and handbags (and loads of other stuff) at Gawthorpe Hall between 10:30 and 3:30 tomorrow. If you come and say hi please try and bring some sunshine with you as the weather forecast really doesn't look too good!

Daisie xxx


Mandy said...

Have a wonderful day.
Love all the things you have made, love the elephants x

twiggypeasticks said...

The ellies are gorgeous!!! Good luck.
Twiggy x

Jackie said...

I am wishing both of us good weather. Are you going to be outside? I am in a village hall where visitors to open gardens will come to pick up their catalogues so if it rains I doubt they'll come.

Jackie said...

PS Love the Elephants.

Judy Ross said...

Those elephants are too cute! I love love love their plaited tails - shades of Eeyore!

Would love to come visit your craft stall. Here in New Zealand it is dreary and wet and I'm OVER it! Good luck :-)

Jude said...

Nelly and her mates are fab,good luck with the fair and the weather

Bagladee said...

Ah they are adorable!! Good luck with the fair I hope the weather holds out. xx