Thursday, 23 July 2009

Blisters, Buttons And Bags

1. Blisters

Nathaniel is poorly, so very poorly, he has a mouth full of blistery ulcers and is so unhappy :-(

He didn't sleep well on Tuesday night and became very droopy and miserable during yesterday afternoon. Simon and I sat up with him all night while he cried and cried. I rang the doctor's surgery first thing this morning and it went like this;

Me; I would really like my baby son to see a dooctor today please.
Dragon; Is it an emergency?
Me; (thinking, 'no just fancied a morning out') yes, he has a raised temperature and has a mouthful of sores, I would really like him to be seen today.....
Dragon; Well, he can't some to the surgery if he has a temperature, someone will ring you back.

Feeling a little put out and concerned, contemplating bypassing the GP and going straight to urgent care then the practice nurse phoned me back. I explained his symptoms to her and she seemed to agree with me that it may be pox (of the chicken variety) or hand foot and mouth (Francesca had it when she was small) but it was difficult to diagnose over the phone as he has no other sores. So we were granted an appointment.

On arrival at the surgery we were ushered into a little private room because "he has a high temp and may be a swine flu victim". Oh purleeze! The world is gone mad. How many children have raised temps every day through really simple illnesses and teething!? Lots and lots and lots! Anyhoo, after a quick look (which he did not like at all) and a temp check, gland feel etc it was decided that it wasn't anything serious, just a.... wait for it........ virus! Nothing to do, keep hydrated, give paracetamol when needed etc. But if he gets more blisters on hands or soles of feet it is hand foot and mouth and if he gets sores on his trunk and legs it's chicken pox. Although treatment doesn't change.

Hope he feels a little better by the morning as I am supposed to be away this wekend selling my goodies to steam heads!

2. Buttons;

Remember Simon dragged me into the shop next to the building society and bought me buttons, well here they are. A huge one, no really I mean HUGE, which he has put little felt pads on the bottom of so it can sit on my bed side table and wait to hold a morning cuppa;

Here are some smaller versions of the HUGE olive wood one and some beautiful daisy buttons and assorted ceramic cat ones which are destined for card making me thinks;

3. Bags.

In preparation for the fair this weekend I have made some more shopping totes the last couple of days. Here are two in a really yummy pink lily upholstery fabric that I got on a recent trip to SAMS (scrap store);

Two in a wonderful children's soft furnishing fabric from John Lewis called Distant Shores;

And another John Lewis fabric, this one called Mimosa which has wonderful lemon coloured 'blooms' on it;

Tomorrow will be busy, I have a birthday present to make for a friend of Francesca who is having her party this Saturday and two shoulder bags cut out ready to be assembled to go with me, a car to remove all the seats from (so it can be like a big van) and lots of ironing to do, toe nails to paint, hair to wash and general panicking about leaving all my babies so I can travel up the country and sleep in a tent for two nights. I must be mad!!

Daisie xxx

Thanks to all who left advice on the iron front, it is alot worse than I had first thought. I am often lacking in iron after 20 weeks (grow iron hungry babies) so take a supplement when I find out I am expecting and take it all the way through. So I am taking that and have been taking Floradix as well and am now taking a prescription supplemnent too. My iron count has dropped from 13.9 to 5 in just over ten weeks, very bad indeed. But it does explain why I have been so tired and breathless and generally feeling like shit (sorry). They will test the levels again on the 7th of August, if they are not over 10 I will mostly be eating liver sandwiches and drinking Guiness (joking) or chewing nails!
Will keep you all posted, thanks for caring, it means alot to me!!


Jackie said...

Poor little chap. The swine flu panic is so stupid. It has its upside though...I jad to go for a blood test this morning and there was only one other person in the whole surgery, due to the 'Go home if you have flu' notices on the door!

Jenny said...

Poor you and Nathaniel but you most of all! I could never take iron tablets, as they wreaked havoc with my tum and I vomited for England! So, when they found out that I was dreadfully anaemic with baby 3, they hauled me into hospital for an iron transfusion. It was marvellous and I found I could go upstairs without having a rest at the top. Brilliant! After that I had a small piece of liver every day and that did the trick! Good luck.

smilernpb said...

My iron levels, well my ferratin stores, were low. They were 9, when tested, however I am not sure what they were prior to this, as they have not been tested. Anyhoo, when I got them re-tested after iron tablets twice a day, it had gone up to I think they are happier with that.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you... xx

jennyflower said...

Poor N, and poor you. I am definitely going to have to get myself one of them there huge buttons! (do they do them in chocolate?)

Bagladee said...

Hi Alex, so sorry to hear you little man is so ill, I do hope he gets better soon (hugs). I LOVE LOVE your bags!!! Got a question for you too, so I'll send you a quick email. :) xx

Tip Top said...

I'm quite sure that copious amounts of chocolate help with a low iron count - mine droped from around 13.5 to 11.5 with Jacob and I kept my strength up with chocolate. However, the little monster loves chocolate now. So not that good advice is it?!

Hope the little man gets better soon. will he eat ice lollies? it may help his mouth

MelMel said...

I just been catching up, I'm so sad for you, you must miss your friend very much.....

My Brother died suddenly 8 weeks ago....the time has passed so quickly....I'm numb some days and weeping the next.....
Its hard to bear isn't it...?

Thinking of you and her family..x