Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rain, Snot and Handbags

I have had a very long and exhausting week.

We held Julie's funeral on Friday. It rained and rained and the weather seemed to reflect how we were all feeling. We said goodbye in a beautiful church and then buried her in the grounds and her plot over looks the reservoir. It is a lovely spot (if there can be such a thing) for the girls to go and visit her when they choose to.

I have produced more tears and snot than I thought was possible but am glad it is all over and her friends and family can begin to move into the future and take happy memories with them.

The let down of so many emotions and being hot and huge and pregnant have left me with poorliness. What I thought was a bout of hay fever on Monday and Tuesday turned into achy bones, headache and sore throat by Wednesday. Unfortunately it is too hot for my usual cold remedy; hot bath, big tracksuit, hot-chocolate and bed! I am feeling a little better now after being left in bed to just sleep yesterday morning by my very lovely husband and children.

I have a new making mojo and have made some shoulder bags for my craft fair at Gawthorpe Hall next Saturday;

Look closely at the one in the middle.......... is it pink with a black lining or black with a pink lining.......

A completely reversible bag!! Quite pleased with this one, might make some more in other colours. In reality all the shoulder bags could be turned inside out and look ok, they usually have plain coloured lining and it would mean that the pockets would be on the outside but this was easy to do with extra pockets.

Some shopping totes;

You can't really see in this pic but the cream/beige(?) coloured fabric has flowers embroidered all over it in silver thread, it looks lovely when it catches the light.

I have been knitting and making flowers on my loom, huge comedy type flowers on huge comedy clips;

I went to bed early the other night and made loads of flowers (very therapeutic and no thought required!) while watching crappy telly. I had to do something with them so attached to plain sliver hair bands;

The girls love them and I think they will look wonderful in a pot on my stall surrounded by all the little sleepie clips I already have.

Anyhoo, off for a walk in the sunshine while the washing finishes and then can hang it out, anyone else get major wahingitis when the sun shines?

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

My brother takes great comfort in the fact that his (very young) wife is buried in a beautiful and peaceful place where he can go and be with her to chat. It will take a long time...........
Take care of yourself

Swirlyarts said...

Big hugs. Come round for a brew if you need to chat or escape the house :)

Tip Top said...

Do like the styling with the football in it! And why is Nathanial not doing any hairband styling?!

Things do get easier - been there with two very young friends (both early 20's) and my cousin. All without warning and horrible.

Snot is good. But that will wash out and the memories then stay.

Jackie said...

I have often passed that church and the reservoir and thought it beautiful. I did my City and Guilds at Gawthorpe Hall. It was a joy to be there.

twiggypeasticks said...

It is comforting when loved ones are somewhere beautiful for you to visit, I go and have a natter with my Dad on a regular basis. Twiglet calls it the flower country :) Hope your heart begins to feel lighter and you have many happy memories in time. Good luck with your craft fair I love the flowery headbands and bags.
Twiggy x

jennyflower said...

well done on getting through the first stage in one piece. You are being very brave and I'm sure making things and resting is good for a greiving soul. Good luck for the weekend, I'll be thinking of you. x