Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I Knitted For Me!!

Well, we've had another birthday, Miss Elizabeth is 11;

I am madly knitting like a mad knitty woman for a baby due anyday and to be honest I think he will arrive before I have even got the border picked-up-and-knitted!!

I have felt very down in the dumps lately and was turned down for my dream job (after leaving the interview feeling like the job was mine) which only made me feel worse.

I was inspired by the wonderful Kath over at Juicy Fig when she worte about her knitting and I decided it was about time I broke open a ball band or two of my beautiful Freedom Spirit that has been looking at me daily since last year's Knitting and Stitching show.

It was a joy to knit, even the 633 sticthes for the frill!!

But a beggar to photograph.

Jauntily tied to the side

Splayed out in all it's glory

Happy face when tied to the front (keep that clevage warm)

Draped across back of neck (or nice shot of hair)

Bad pictures but I hope they give you a feel for my beautiful new favourite winter scarf!!

How's it going with you?

Daisie x


Sweet Mess said...

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth, I love her hair! I love the purple scarf too!
Sorry to hear about your dream job.
:( that stinks.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scarf, blimey 633 stitches - worth it though!

Sorry to hear about the job, there'll be an even dreamier one out there for you though x

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a versatile scarf, and I love the colour!