Thursday, 23 October 2008

A Quick Update (and cup of tea)

One taggy blanket. Super fluffy egg yolk fleece on one side and a soft white cotton filled with flying kites on the other;

There are twenty ribbon tags, sadly not each one is different but there are not many repeats. I seem to have (on closer inspection) a wonky ribbon but hey, for a first attempt, I'm very pleased!

A family of chicken hotties, complete with bottles;

And a red dragon pie ready to go in the oven on our return from school;

Veg peeled, chopped and loaded into the steamer.
Floor vaccuumed but not mopped but it's not that dirty.
Nathaniel had an early lunch and has gone for a snooze.
I am now going to sit with my cup of tea and log into my browser and see what the rest of you have been up to!
Daisie xxx


Sharon said...

Love the chickens!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I follow Lynn's blog (live in california, actually have met her!) and just happened to see the links to other blogs on the side. Lovely things you describe! what are those little ribbon items- quilts? potholder? pretty but mystifying. darling own are grown-ish (20 and 22)