Thursday, 16 October 2008

Knitting And Stuff

I made a sale on folksy yesterday! Sorry, the excitement still hasn't left me, maybe when I have sold more it'll be less thrilling but I hope not! I love to check my mail in the morning and find an 'instant payment' notice from paypal, it sets me up for the day!

I completed Elizabeth's costume and gave her a crash course in tying the ring sling (am so glad she's not taking a real baby)! I also made a linen shawl and tried to recreate a Celtic pattern with fabric paint but it wasn't great. Kae-Lei loved it though so she's going to wear it today to liven up her costume. I made her an embroidered felt brooch last night to pin it shut. No pictures at the moment but I have an insider at school so there may be some 'action' shots later!!!

I sat up very late last night knitting beads with Simon at my side surfing for 'old' songs. We sang along to this and Simon yet again told me that he wants this playing at his funeral when the coffin slips behind the curtain! I remembered wanting to look like this, I so wanted that lipstick!! And we found this (it does have a rude word in so don't look if you're easily offended) that made us laugh out loud!! And we listened to this because I love it and we listened to this because when I said search for Fuzzbox I think Simon had something else on his know who I mean though, don't you, you can admit to knowing all the words, you are amongst friends!

And I managed (whilst singing) to complete all the beads for an order and have strung them together this morning. It's not very sunny though so the pics are not great;

I am really loving the black bracelet with just one striped bead, will be making one for me when I get time!! The other set is purple mohair and the colour is stunning (can't really see it though) but I had forgotten what a pig it is to knit with mohair, especially on this small scale, too fluffy and fiddly! Pleased with the end result though.

Today's crafty tasks are to make a dozen or so ice skate cards (another fiddly job, sewing laces into paper boots!) for the fair, do some layered daisy cards and sew some more tree decorations (these are cut out and ready to go). Not sure how much I'll get done though as Nathaniel has the runniest nose and the foulest temper this morning and it is very cold and I am very tempted to just go and get into bed with him and snuggle because that is all he really wants. We'll see....

Daisie xxx

Quick update; Tigerlily, if you're reading I have listed the items, just click on the folksy button to the right and they are ready and waiting for you!!


Sharon said...

Well done on the sale!!

Sharon said...

Thanks! but don't think I've got time to harlequin fabric, I'll have to do it tonight after work, but think I'm going to sew multi coloured strips of scales over an old t shirt with 'fins' set into the side seam. oh god that sounds so wrong outside of my head! Maybe she'll be a pirate like everyone else!Thinking of smoking a pipe, just to justify the cough!

Jackie said...

Well I clicked on all your links, and each time I returned to your blog James Blunt started up again! Congratulations on the feels so good. I just delivered some stuff to the Platform Gallery and was actually told it was 'nice' by the powers that be so I'm feeling good too. Have you been to the textile exhibition? Its really good. A wide variety.

Hannah said...

Congratulations on your sale:)

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Congratulations on your Folksy Sale! You must be SO excited.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daisie
I just loved your card, i have knitted a special bag for a dear friend who has been kind to me while i have been ill during the past year and the card you made is just perfect for me to say thanks..

Do you ever make bag handles??
Last week i decided to be inventive and make some trendy bags; 90% of them will be in angora. I used beads on my black/white angora one, a length of thin velvet for latest black/red one, and a piece of red cord for latest fluffy mohair one.

Good luck with your crafts, your one talented lassie..
Luv Mo xox