Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Nataniel much brighter today and has had a good time at playgroup. While he was off playing I chatted and made a tree dangle and a heart brooch (that is in need of further embellishment).

After lunch while he slept I did a little washing; my never ending laundry, woe-woe, woe-woe, woe-woe (which must be sung to this tune with a mournful expression)! When he woke he was cheerful but snugly so we sat on the sofa together. He hugged my leg and I knitted. Lots and lots of little beads and a huge big fluffy thing!

The yellow beads are to be made up into jewelry for my sister's up and coming 18th (oh my god, I am now so old) birthday! When Simon and I were first together we used to collect her from nursery school and take her out for a 'treat'. People always assumed she was our child! Blimey (that word again!). The light blue beads are also to be turned into a jewelry set for the fair and there are lost of extra beads. When I make a set I knit one extra bead, the plan being that I will string them all together and wear them to the fair. An eclectic mix of colours, textures and sizes. The big silver sparkle is on it's way to becoming a very beautiful brooch, I will be adding some red beads when the children are all in bed.

I will not be long behind them, I have pulled a muscle in my right shoulder and the pain has got worse and worse all day. Knitting is hard so I won't do much more. Maybe I'll watch 'enders with a hottie!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Glad he's getting better and hope your shoulder does too!!

Pixiedust said...

Your craft bits look lovely Daisie. Thanks for my heart, I left you one an Etsy earlier as well. Your hotties are lovely.
Hope the shoulders better tomorrow. xxx Pixie xxx

Pixiedust said...

Hi Daisie, I've tagged you in a post. The rules are on my blog if you fancy taking part. xxx Pixie xxx

Sharon said...

Glad the little munchkins better! Take care of that shoulder too!