Thursday, 9 October 2008

I've Had An Idea

I had an idea (if you listen carefully you can here Simon's blood run cold) he hates it when I say that! And while I was fiddling around Nathaniel made some beautiful art work;

Admittedly most of the drawing was on his hands but he had such good fun!

I have two craft fairs coming up in November and panic is beginning to take root; will I have enough stuff, will people buy it, will it be good fun, will I meet some lovely people, will it all be a complete disaster, will I ever be ready?! And in preparation and to help ease my unrest I have decided to make something beautiful for my stall;

This is just a small sneaky peek and I'll show you some better pics when it's finished, quite excited about it. It seems to be going how I thought (wanted) it to (so far......).

Swirly has warned me about the 'three Ps' at craft fairs (Pick up, Put down, Piss off) and I am not pinning any hopes onto making a million, if I just cover the stall and petrol and have a good day out that'll do me!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

You'll get used to it and you will think of some very good one liners too which you will be able to use in times of trouble!!! Good luck with the fairs!

jennyflower said...

Looking good, don't leave the room though will you. I have learnt to my cost children understand don't touch to mean 'wreck completley!'

Jude said...

Beautiful, but with a very cheeky smile that says alot...........
Good luck with the stalls.